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Yura is a character on Freeform's series, Siren. He is portrayed by Sisse Marie before transition and then Ben Sullivan after transition.

Early Life

Like the rest of his tribe, Yura was born female and after some years, he became the leader of the tribe. Then, after Robb Wellens, who was previously female, was chosen to procreate and make new generations for the tribe and left the tribe to seek out a solution to save the species from the problems in the oceans, Yura felt betrayed and, after the pool water stops letting the females transition into males due to pollution, became desperate to save his people from extinction.


At first, Yura was hostile and rather cold towards the others, especially Ryn, due to the tribe's isolationism. He initially refuses to help Ryn, Ben, Maddie, and Robb with the war against Tia as his tribe is already dealing with the crisis of females unable to transition to males at a pool. Unlike most of the merfolk, he is more trusting towards humans as his tribe helped them out during a harsh winter when there were food shortages. After the pool gets cleaned and Yura completes his transition, he and his mermaid warriors express gratitude towards the others and offer to help them out. He is also forgiving as he allows Robb to rejoin the tribe, knowing that he had done it to save his species and tribe.

Physical Appearance

Yura in mermaid form bears the same physiology as the other merfolk, but with white scales rather than grey to indicate the climate of her tribe's polar environment. In human form, she has short blonde hair. This remains the same even after transitioning into a male, except that his hair takes on a darker shade, almost brown .

Throughout the Series

In "Northern Exposure", She and two of her warriors walk across the frozen shore to greet Ben, Ryn, Maddie, and Robb. She refuses to help in Ryn's fight against Tia because all the men in her tribe have died out, and they cannot be able to procreate to keep the population growing.

After Ben, Ryn, Maddie, and Robb pour magnetite powder and vegetable oil in the water of the transition pool. Yura removes her coat and submerges herself into the water, she reappears again as a male. Afterwards, he thanks Robb and his friends for restoring health to the transition pool, and welcomes him back into the tribe forgiving him for his exile.

In "Til Death Do Us Part", Yura's tribe is revealed to have come under attack by Tia's forces after Ben and co. departed from Nome. Fortunately, Yura's tribe was victorious in the battle. The casualties on Yura's tribe are currently unknown, however they were less severe than Tia's forces.

In "The Toll of the Sea", Yura and his tribe come to aid Ryn's tribe against Tia's forces and battle them. He witnesses Ryn triumphing over Tia after defeating and killing her with two spears.


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Robb Wellens

Yura selected him when he was still a female to transition into male, hoping to improve the population with offspring and future generations. Unfortunately, Robb left in exile vowing to find a permanent solution for not only the tribe, but the entire species of Merfolk. This left Yura distraught and disappointed. He forgives him and welcomes him back into the tribe.

Tia's Tribe

Tia's Tribe become one of Yura's Primary enemies when they attacked their tribe after the latter refused to team up with the former group.


Tia became a primary enemy of Yura's when the former led her forces after the latter's tribe. He joins the undersea battle with Ryn's colony.


Season 3


  • Prior to transitioning to male, the females are given a black marking on their faces to indicate themselves before and after entering the pool.
  • Yura is the only known Mermaid tribe chieftain to be male.
    • However this is only when they're in their male form.
  • Subsequently, after Robb left the tribe, the high ratio of females created problems for the small population of males. This was the same time the transition pool started denying the females' change to male, resulting in all the males to die out.
  • Yura's tribe does make contact with the human locals on Nome. As explained by Robb, his merfolk reach out to them in times of need, such as when they caught enough fish to give to the starving locals during the middle of a harsh winter season.


You were chosen. Meant to provide us with children for generations. But you abandoned us. You left us to die. That is what happened.
— Yura to Robb[src]