Xander McClure is a main character on Freeform's series, Siren. He is portrayed by Ian Verdun.

Xander is one of the local fishermen in Bristol Cove and a childhood friend of Ben Pownall, as well as the ex-boyfriend and lover of Maddie Bishop, whom he had known since they were five.

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A deep sea fisherman on a quest to uncover the truth[1]

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Short dark black hair and relatively large body. He is a light-skinned African-American (possibly mixed) who has light hazel eyes. Constantly wears comfortable loungewear such as hoodies, T-shirts, jeans, and boots. No visible scars or physical abnormalities.

Personality Edit

Overall, Xander is a trusting, curious, gruff and sensitive individual. He would do anything for his friends, which is evident by the fact that when he scours across town to find one of his missing co-workers. Xander does not give up on his friends either.

Despite having those positive traits about himself, Xander has an array of negative traits. For one, Xander can be too trusting and naïve. Xander trusted one of his friends too much and let a secret about a mermaid in his town slip right under his nose. Xander can also be too sensitive for his own good. When his father died, Xander let his emotions get the best of him when he went on a revenge spree against the mermaids attacking his hometown. His tendency to let his emotions get the best of him ended with the unfortunate death of one of the mermaids, which he does regret.

Xander’s RelationshipsEdit

Sean McClureEdit

Sean is Xander’s father and former boss. They shared a close relationship before Sean’s death. Xander is devastated when Sean is murdered by a merman and feels guilty for involving Sean in his hunt for the mermaid colony. Xander tried to get revenge for Sean by attempting to kill the merman responsible for murdering Sean.

Chris MuellerEdit

Chris is Xander’s close friend and co-worker. Xander desperately searches in and around his town to find Chris when he is taken by the U.S. military, along with Donna. When Xander finds Chris injured, Xander embraces his friend and helps Chris get the medical help he needs. Chris also tells Xander of what really went down in the military center. Xander helps Chris further with his situation when they both ship out to find the mermaid colony together.


Calvin is Xander’s other close friend and co-worker. Calvin also knows of the mermaid situation going on in the town, but he often clashes with Ben, Xander’s other friend, regarding what to do about the situation surrounding the military’s involvement. Despite Calvin and Ben’s disagreements, Xander respects Calvin’s (and Ben) advice and takes his advice. It is later revealed that Xander also shares a residence with Calvin.

Ben PownallEdit

Ben is Xander’s best friend and former co-worker. Xander worked with Ben on his father’s ship awhile before Ben became a marine biologist at another work facility. Although he was unaware of Ben protecting a mermaid, Xander allied with Ben to find Chris and to further investigate the military’s involvement with the mermaids in their town. After Sean’s death, Ben consoles and supports Xander at his father’s funeral, but their relationship becomes very strained when Xander discovers Ben has been protecting Ryn, along with Maddie. Xander is very distraught when he discovers Ryn and Ben know of the mermaid colony’s surfacing and Ben attempts to stop Xander from going after them. Xander doesn’t listen to Ben’s advice and unintentionally shoots Donna in the process. After the events of the first season, Xander attempts to rectify the tense situation between himself and Ben by apologizing for his actions. Xander seems grateful when Ben accepts his apologies.

Maddie BishopEdit

Although they didn’t interact much during the series until after Sean’s funeral, it is revealed that Maddie is Xander’s ex-girlfriend from before her romantic involvement with Ben. The two remained friends despite breaking up a long time ago and Maddie helps Xander get home to his boat when he is very drunk after his father’s funeral. The two reminisce about their good times from when they were together, but Xander falls asleep. Maddie decides to be a good friend and stay the night with Xander to watch over him, but they argue the next morning when Xander reveals he plans on killing the merman responsible for his father’s death. Maddie rebukes him for this, but Xander doesn’t listen to her.


Xander meets Ryn under depressing circumstances: at his father’s funeral. Ryn is one of the few mermaids Xander meets in human form and he is disturbed by her presence. Xander confronts Ben and Maddie when Ryn apologizes about her mermaid colony’s involvement with Sean’s death. Xander decides to go after Ryn’s colony and shoots Donna in the process, which only worsens his already-tense relationship with Ryn. Overall, Xander is leery and angry at Ryn’s presence in his town. Despite any lingering ill feelings Xander feels for Ryn, he feels remorse for his actions against Ryn and her sister and even states this to Ben in the season one finale.


Levi is the merman responsible for murdering Xander’s father. In revenge, Xander attempts to kill Levi when he discovers the merman surfaced. However, the two are forced to part ways when Ryn forces her hand and orders Levi and Katrina (another mermaid) to return to the ocean and to never resurface as humans again.

Helen HawkinsEdit

Although mostly unseen, Helen claims to share a close relationship with Xander’s family. Helen expresses her condolences to Xander at his father’s funeral and explained that she was friends with Sean, which Xander appreciates.

Trivia Edit

  • He allows the North Star to burn and sink, believing that it was never a part of any McClure legacy but just a boat.

Quotes Edit

  • "We caught something out there."
  • "Decker's here because the mermaid is here."
  • "I saw her. In the water. We're gonna go her."
  • "I feel like I'm losing my mind."
  • "Not for me!!"
  • "Their animals, Sheriff!! Animals that kill humans!!"
  • "I gotta let it go, Man."
  • "To new beginnings."

Season Two Edit

  • "You a real hurricane, you that? Like Katrina."
  • "That's the reason why you can't go back in the water. You help me with my problem and I help with yours."
  • "Hey!! I thought we had a deal!!"
  • "Have it your way."
  • "You're her daughter?"
  • "You're military, right?"
  • "Was sleeping with me part of the job?"
  • "What's your endgame?"
  • "Hey. Be careful down there."
  • "Good luck."
  • "It was an accident. You gotta learn to let this shit go."
  • "Let it burn."
  • "I'm done."
  • "You back someone into a corner, they're gonna react."
  • "We gotta give him something. You know, to shut him up until this dies down."
  • "No. We're not doing that."
  • "A graveyard."
  • "I done something I shouldn't have."
  • "I have no idea."

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  • "

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