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Alexander "Xander" McClure is a main character on Freeform's series, Siren. He is portrayed by Ian Verdun.

Xander was one of the local fishermen in Bristol Cove and a childhood friend of Ben Pownall, as well as the ex-boyfriend and lover of Maddie Bishop, whom he had known since they were five. In Season 3, he decides to join the police academy and leave behind his life as a fisherman. In "The Toll of the Sea", he became Sheriff after the death of Dale Bishop.

Official Description

A deep sea fisherman on a quest to uncover the truth[1]

Physical Appearance

Short dark black hair and relatively large body. He is a light-skinned African-American (possibly mixed) who has light hazel eyes. Constantly wears comfortable loungewear such as hoodies, T-shirts, jeans, and boots. No visible scars or physical abnormalities.


Overall, Xander is a trusting, curious, gruff and sensitive individual. He would do anything for his friends, which is evident by the fact that when he scours across town to find one of his missing co-workers. Xander does not give up on his friends either.

Despite having those positive traits about himself, Xander has an array of negative traits. For one, Xander can be too trusting and naïve. Xander trusted one of his friends too much and let a secret about a mermaid in his town slip right under his nose. Xander can also be too sensitive for his own good. When his father died, Xander let his emotions get the best of him when he went on a revenge spree against the mermaids attacking his hometown. His tendency to let his emotions get the best of him ended with the unfortunate death of Ryn's sister Donna, which he regrets.

Throughout the Series

Season 1

In "The Mermaid Discovery" he, his father Sean, Calvin, and Chris were aboard the North Star out in the Bering Strait on a trek, upon catching a large amount of fish with the ship's net they discover a creature unlike anything they have seen before (Donna). She that stabs Chris, he and Calvin lock it in the ship's hold. Moments later the military arrives airlifting Chris and the creature they caught. Upon returning to Bristol Cove, he tells Ben about the mermaid he saw, not believing him at first.

In the following episode "The Lure", Ben accompanies him and his crew to find the mermaid but instead discover a military device that emulates the same sound that the mermaids make.

In "Interview With a Mermaid", he receives a text message from Chris. He and Calvin track the phone it was sent from and learn about a registered nurse named Donna Stevenson who they tail all the way to the military compound. "On the Road" is when they finally reunite with Chris, they find him out a Libbey Beach and take him to Dr. Abbot's clinic

Xander, Calvin, Ben, and Chris take the North Star out to where the government trawler is located is only to find that all the crew members aboard have gone missing, they are later bombarded by Donna and Levi. Xander tries to help save his father Sean, but he makes him captain just before his death. At the funeral, he meets Ryn and learns that she is a mermaid, he confronts Ben about how he knew and never told him about it, even after Sean died. He is hostile towards Ben and Maddie. His anger drives him to retaliate against the merman who killed his father but instead shoots Donna unintentionally.

Season 2

Xander finds Ryn and expresses his regrets towards Donna's death. He struggles with finances since his late father left a lot of debt being unable to maintain the required needs for the North Star, after being unable to acquire a loan from the bank he learns that Ben is giving hospitality to the Merfolk, including the one who killed his father (Levi), he gets in a small fight with him. In "Primal Instincts", he finds Katrina out on the docks and imprisons her in the hold of his late father's fishing boat wanting to know the whereabouts of Levi, showing her the Klesco Oil drillship that is preventing her tribe from returning home. Xander is later imprisoned in the hold with Levi, after a brief fight he could not bring himself to kill him. He later understands that it was a mistake making a deal with Katrina.

In "Entrapment", he is brought in by the FBI for questioning soon after the corpse of his deceased father was recovered. He is incarcerated with Ben, Calvin, and Chris at Bristol Cove's Sheriff's Department who all exchange hostility, he tries to tell the FBI agents that Sean died while on the deck of the ship to no avail. He is released after he learns that the U.S Military closed the case dropping the charges, Xander soon learns that Nicole is affiliated with the U.S Military. "Leverage" is when he helps Ryn's colony sabotage the Klesco Oil drillship, Cami attacks him for killing her mother. The North Star goes up in flames after he shoots a flare gun igniting the flammable gas that leaked from a severed pipe. Ben and Maddie arrive just in time to rescue Xander and Calvin, Xander stops Ben from contacting the Coast Guard and allows his father's fishing trawler to sink to the bottom of the ocean. Two weeks later, he meets up with Maddie at the hospital and he concedes that he did not file an insurance claim for the North Star. His reasons are that he was given the life of a fisherman, and that the North Star was never a part of his family's legacy. For a while, he takes up a bar tending job at The Anchor.

In "All In", Xander sees that Calvin has gotten an abundant amount of money, he explains that he earned it from doing odd jobs. This makes Xander suspicious and later discovers a late night venue located down by the docks. He finds Calvin in the middle of a game of poker. He explains to Xander that he is doing fine winning from poker, this upsets Xander seeing that Calvin disregards how much risk there is from gambling.

Season 3

He applies to the Washington State Sheriff's Academy and gets accepted, throughout his training he receives flashbacks to his previous encounters with Merfolk, despite this he does well. In the episode "Life and Death", he assists Helen with taking Bryan's body to Caspian Ranch to be cremated. Xander has been on both sides of the fight with Merfolk, and he’s developed a more nuanced understanding of them now that he is a police officer in training.

Later on, he becomes the best man at his friend Calvin's wedding. During the wedding's after party, he receives a phone call which is Tia's Siren song in disguise. He falls ill to it and is rushed to the hospital to be treated. Eliza's healing helps his heart stabilize, but soon falls into a coma. Maddie uses the audio recording from Robb's tribe's echo chamber which helps him recover, he discovers Dale's body in the forest while and Marissa find a mother and a child on the road. Near the end of "The Toll of the Sea", he graduates from the Sheriff's Academy and is given his badge at the ceremony.

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Sean McClure

Sean is Xander’s father and former boss. They shared a close relationship before Sean’s death. Xander is devastated when Sean is murdered by a merman and feels guilty for involving Sean in his hunt for the mermaid colony. Xander tried to get revenge for Sean by attempting to kill the merman responsible for murdering Sean.

Chris Mueller

Chris is Xander’s close friend and co-worker. Xander desperately searches in and around his town to find Chris when he is taken by the U.S. military, along with Donna. When Xander finds Chris injured, Xander embraces his friend and helps Chris get the medical help he needs. Chris also tells Xander of what really went down in the military center. Xander helps Chris further with his situation when they both ship out to find the mermaid colony together.

Calvin Lee

Calvin is Xander’s other close friend and co-worker. Calvin also knows of the mermaid situation going on in the town, but he often clashes with Ben, Xander’s other friend, regarding what to do about the situation surrounding the military’s involvement. Despite Calvin and Ben’s disagreements, Xander respects Calvin’s (and Ben) advice and takes his advice. It is later revealed that Xander also shares a residence with Calvin. In "Life and Death" he wants Calvin to understand the responsibilities he has to focus on now that he and Janine are operating a tour boat business.

Ben Pownall

Ben is Xander’s best friend and former co-worker. Xander worked with Ben on his father’s ship awhile before Ben became a marine biologist at another work facility. Although he was unaware of Ben protecting a mermaid, Xander allied with Ben to find Chris and to further investigate the military’s involvement with the mermaids in their town. After Sean’s death, Ben consoles and supports Xander at his father’s funeral, but their relationship becomes very strained when Xander discovers Ben has been protecting Ryn, along with Maddie. Xander is very distraught when he discovers Ryn and Ben know of the mermaid colony’s surfacing and Ben attempts to stop Xander from going after them. Xander doesn’t listen to Ben’s advice and unintentionally shoots Donna in the process. After the events of the first season, Xander attempts to rectify the tense situation between himself and Ben by apologizing for his actions. Xander seems grateful when Ben accepts his apologies.

Maddie Bishop

Although they didn’t interact much during the series until after Sean’s funeral, it is revealed that Maddie is Xander’s ex-girlfriend from before her romantic involvement with Ben. The two remained friends despite breaking up a long time ago and Maddie helps Xander get home to his boat when he is very drunk after his father’s funeral. The two reminisce about their good times from when they were together, but Xander falls asleep. Maddie decides to be a good friend and stay the night with Xander to watch over him, but they argue the next morning when Xander reveals he plans on killing the merman responsible for his father’s death. Maddie rebukes him for this, but Xander doesn’t listen to her. She is the one who helps cure him of the Siren Song's effects with the audio recording.


Xander meets Ryn under depressing circumstances: at his father’s funeral. Ryn is one of the few mermaids Xander meets in human form and he is disturbed by her presence. Xander confronts Ben and Maddie when Ryn apologizes about her mermaid colony’s involvement with Sean’s death. Xander decides to go after Ryn’s colony and shoots Donna in the process, which only worsens his already-tense relationship with Ryn. Overall, Xander is leery and angry at Ryn’s presence in his town. Despite any lingering ill feelings Xander feels for Ryn, he feels remorse for his actions against Ryn and her sister and even states this to Ben in the season one finale. Eventually, the tension disappears when he helps Ryn's colony plot to sabotage Klesco Oil's drillship.


Levi is the merman responsible for murdering Xander’s father. In revenge, Xander attempts to kill Levi when he discovers the merman surfaced. However, the two are forced to part ways when Ryn forces her hand and orders Levi and Katrina (another mermaid) to return to the ocean and to never resurface as humans again. Throughout Season 2, they become frenemies when Ryn's colony plots to sabotage Klesco Oil's drill ship.

Helen Hawkins

Although mostly unseen, Helen claims to share a close relationship with Xander’s family. Helen expresses her condolences to Xander at his father’s funeral and explained that she was friends with Sean, which Xander appreciates. She helps Xander preparing for Calvin and Janine's wedding, she is grateful to him when he returns the skeletal remains of her mermaid/hybrid family as well as Donna's corpse.

Nicole Martinez

Xander first meets Nicole in "The Arrival" at the Anchor Bar when she suggests pairing a BLT with whiskey. They start off as friends and they quickly become a couple, until Xander wonders how the U.S Military had clouded the case on his father's murder. He quickly learns that Nicole is affiliated with them. From "No North Star" and onward, Xander starts distrusting her, acting hostile. After her disappearance near the end of Season 2, he stopped keeping in touch with her.

Skills and Abilities

Boating: Xander's livelihood as a former fisherman has led him to be familiarized with the functions of the North Star.

Gunmanship: Xander has proven to have exceptional knowledge in using firearms, specifically rifles and pistols. In "Street Fight" he uses a Remington 700 hunting rifle with the intention of killing Levi to avenge his father's death. In "The Island", he uses it once more to protect the mermaids that survived Tia's takeover. He shoots and kills the assailant merman saving Cami's life. Throughout his police training he learns to wield a pistol and proves to be skillful with it.


  • He allows the North Star to burn and sink, believing that it was never a part of any McClure legacy but just a boat.
  • His character archetype shows how much he has changed since the "Pilot" episode, as a police sheriff he vows to protect those from the Merfolk who do pose a threat to the people he loves.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


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