Viv is a recurring character on Freeform's series, Siren debuting in the second season premiere. She is portrayed by Alvina August.

She is the third brown-skinned mermaid to appear, after the late Donna and her teenage daughter Cami.

Personality Edit

Being a part of Ryn and the late Donna's colony, Viv is willing to comply with Ryn's orders. She does have a bit of rudeness as she hisses at Cami to force her to make room for her to sit, only to be reprimanded by Helen. She also displays a high level of curiosity as she is mesmerized by the candle flame lit by Maddie who teaches hem about fire. She is the weapons master in her mermaid colony.

Physical Appearance Edit

Viv has dark skin like Cami and long, frizzy, black hair that flows down her shoulders. She has light blue eyes. She also appears to be either the same height or a little shorter than her friend Eliza.

Throughout the Series Edit

Season 2 Edit

Viv and the other merfolk arrive on land when the oil company uses sound waves to map the ocean floor. She acquires clothes from Helen and meets up with Ryn who she thought was dead. Viv and the others are then moved to the log cabin where Ted and Elaine Pownall have not visited in ten years.

In "Distress Call", she unhesitatingly joins Katrina's group in order to return to the ocean.

Relationships Edit

Eliza Edit

Eliza seems to be Viv's closest friend in their colony. They are almost never seen without each other and even go so far as to live together at Helen's.

Katrina Edit

She has had great respect for her former leader, but is eventually forced to follow her as she threatens her with a knife to return home with her to sea, where there are no humans and no Ryn to plague them further.

Cami Edit

She is a good friend and possibly a surrogate mother to the daughter of the late Donna and looks out her, as she no longer has her mother by her side.

Ryn Edit

She now comes to respect and obey her new leader without question as opposed to Katrina.

Humans Edit

Maddie and Ben Edit

Naturally, she is distrustful of them but comes to warm up to them as Ryn teaches her about the ways of humans.

Human/Merfolk Hybrid Edit

Helen Hawkins Edit

Upon realizing that she is one-eighth mermaid, she accepts her aid and presence in the cabin.

Appearances Edit

Season 2 Edit

Season 3 Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Her name is short for "Vivian."
  • She is the fourth brown-skinned merpeople in the show; the others were Donna, Levi and Cami.
  • She has yet speak human words, even if it is most often to talk about eating.
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