Victoria "Vicki" is a supporting character on Siren debuting in the show's premiere. She first encounters Ryn, who she mistakes as a mere homeless girl, when the recently surfaced mermaid steals her daughter's huskies sweatshirt off her clothes line. Furious, she tries to confront her, but Ryn hisses and throws a metal pole at her and then runs off.

She reports this crime to Sheriff Bishop and gives the Police Station a hand-drawn description of her, saying that she "almost took her head off."


She has thick, curly black waist-length hair, black eyes and a slim figure.


Season One

Season Two

Season Three


  • She is the first human being Ryn encounters on the surface.
  • It is she who indirectly gives the Law Enforcement information of Ryn's sudden presence.


Season One

  • "I am sick of you junkies coming here and stealing my stuff!!"
  • "Sheriff, I have a crime to report. This little homeless girl's been stealing clothing off my line."
  • "I went out to confront her and she threw a damn metal pole at me. Almost took my head off!!"
  • "That's my daughter's sweatshirt."
  • "That's her."
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