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The Last Mermaid is the fourteenth episode of the second season of Siren and the twenty-fourth episode of the series overall. It aired on July 18, 2019.


Mating season turned out to be less successful than everyone had hoped, leading them to question the possibility of the mermaids procreating on land. Ryn brings a new mate ashore for the good of the colony, but it raises emotional questions for Ben and Maddie.[1]


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  • Extensive pollutants in the oceans are the cause of the mermaids' infertility.
  • Ted and Helen speak of the letters between his grandmother and her mother Daphne, which he had discovered in the previous episode.
  • Ted's grandfather was named Caleb, the one who had caused the fire that took the life of Helen's human father.
  • Eliza wears a T-shirt that has Nirvana's studio album "In Utero" on it. 


Helen: "Xander McClure, up before noon. What's wrong? This was my mother's."

Xander: "She was buried in it?"

Helen: "Who would do this!?"

Xander: "Ben? Ben!!"

Ben: "Huh? I was just, uh...looking up some bias tests."

Xander: "Yeah? 'Cause it looked like you were listening to Ryn's mind control shit again. You gotta cut that crap out, Man. It's messin' with your head."

Ben: "I take this isn't a social call?"

Xander: "I, uh...I did something I shouldn't have."

Ben: "What were you thinking bringing a reporter to the graveyard!?"

Xander: "I wasn't thinking, okay? I was just desperate to get him off my back! I wanna protect you guys. I know, it was stupid!!"

Ben: "What did you expect him to do!?"

Xander: "I don't know!! I just thought if showed him the graves, it would be enough!! Now I just wanna figure out who did it."

Ben: "We know who did it!"

Xander: "Nicole would never let that happen! She's a good person!"

Ben: "Xan, she's not in control of this thing."

David Kyle: "Where's Ryn?"

Maddie: "Ryn's back in the water. "

David Kyle: "I thought you and Ben were managing her."

Maddie: "She goes back from time to time to refresh. She'll be back soon."

David Kyle: "Okay. Oh, your ocean water test came back. We're in the fertility research you been doing. Understanding their reproduction is quite important to us."

Maddie: "We found out why you and the others aren't getting pregnant."

Ryn: "What is wrong with water?"

Maddie: "It's polluted."

Ben: "What if she mates on land? In human form?"

Helen: "Who did you have in mind?"

Ben: "We don't know him!!"

Maddie: "I don't like it either; her being with someone else. But we have to put our feelings aside."

Helen: "My family has a burial plot on the cost of Bristol Cove. I believe the military raided that graveyard."

Beth: "I'm so sorry."

Helen: "You don't understand, Beth. That is our family. If they analyze those bones, they'll know about us!! They could find us!"


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