The Arrival is the Season 2 premiere and first episode of the second season of Siren. It aired on January 24, 2019.[2]

Synopsis Edit

With more and more mermaids and mermen landing at Bristol Cove’s shores, the threat of discovery increases. After his repeated encounters with the siren song, Ben tries to cope with the after-effects. Maddie’s mom returns to town and tries to connect with her daughter. Meanwhile, Ryn attempts to adapt to life on land.[2]

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  • Hannah Levien as Janine
  • Tammy Gillis as Deputy Marissa Staub
  • David Kaye as Jerry
  • Bethany Brown as Wanda
  • Alvina August as Viv
  • Millan Tesfazgi as Cami
  • Hugo Ateo as Sarge
  • Georgia Waters as Eliza
  • Graeme Duffy as Deputy Clarence
  • Broadus Mattison as Fisherman
  • Morgana Wyllie as Customer #1
  • Derek Wallis as Cute Male Kissing #1
  • Saskia Wedding as Kissing Partner #2
  • Myfanwy William as Mermaid Corpse Half Transformed
  • Richard Thompson as Deputy

Trivia Edit

  • Maddie's long-lost mother and Dale Bishop's estranged wife, Susan makes her debut appearance after her mysterious disappearance ten months previously.
  • It is revealed that Donna had had a daughter with a merman.
  • Another, younger lieutenant has replaced Aldon Decker to further the military's hunt for merfolk: Nicole, who has attracted the attentions of Xander.

Quotes Edit

Helen: "There's four of them. Plus the other female from before. What are they doing here?"
Ben: "There's a disturbance in the ocean: Sound waves."
Maddie: "They were forced out."
Ben: "Whoa. What's going on?"
Ryn: "They Thought I was dead."
―Helen, Ben, Maddie and Ryn about the mermaids' arrival on land.

I'll stay. They're my people, too.
— Helen

Helen: "She seems lost."
Ryn: "Sister's baby."
Helen: "She's Donna's daughter?"
―Helen and Ryn about Cami

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