The Anchor is a bar in Bristol Cove. It is where local fishermen, Xander and his friends Calvin and Chris, hangout after their fishing trips. Fisherman Sean McClure also used to hangout at the bar with Xander, his son, and his son’s friends before his death.

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After Xander, Calvin and Captain Sean McClure went on a fishing trip in the Bering Strait, that ended disastrously, they visited the local bar. Xander called Ben to meet them there and said he had something to tell him. His other crewmate, Calvin, upset as they thought they'll keep it to themselves, but Xander insisted. He told Ben of an unusual encounter with a mermaid and the military's appearance. Showing Ben the security footage of the boat, he was convinced it's a mermaid, but Ben wasn't as sure and thought it could be something else.[1]

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