Theodore "Ted" Pownall is a recurring character in Freeform's series, Siren.

Ted is the father of Ben and Doug Pownall, and the husband of Elaine Pownall.

His great-great-great-grandfather Charles H. Pownall is rumored to have fallen for a mermaid via her enchantingly melodious siren song one hundred and fifty years ago.

After forced to accept the fact that merpeople were real all along, he undress his shirt and sees an scar on his left torso, as undeniable proof of his encounter with a mermaid on the night of his wife's accident may not been hallucination as he always thought.

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He is quite tall and slim, with a short beard. On his lower left torso, he notices some scales that proves to him, and to all, that he is indeed a descendant of both merpeople and human.

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Appearing as a soft-hearted man, he is quite taken with the benefits of money and power, despite the fact they they leave harmful even lethal effects on the ecosystem. However it should be noted that his alliance with Klesco Oil was due to the fact that he needed money to help his ailing wife and not because he disregards the environment.

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  • He and his younger son Doug were funding the Kosclo Oil project in taking natural oil from the depths of the oceans. He claimed to be doing so in order to help his wife from the extensive pain she recently received from the treatment via the late Donna's mermaid DNA.
  • He makes more appearances than his wife and youngest son do.
  • In Episode 19, he glimpses a mermaid in blurred footage of the collapsing oil rig, which startles him and continues to look at it from time to time; perplexed.
    • In the penultimate episode of Season 2, it is revealed that had, in truth, indirectly encountered a mermaid when diving in to save his wife, but dismissed as mere delusion

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