This page is an Official Policy on the Siren Wiki.

The following illustrates standards of conduct which are widely accepted among editors and administrators and are considered standards that everyone should follow. Contact any administrators for any proposed changes.

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This Categorization Guide outlines a standard that is intended to make Siren Wiki consistent, clear, and precise. This guide will help editors learn which categories to use for an article. You are not to create new categories without conforming with an admin or they will be deleted. However, if you would like to suggest or object categories, you can contact an admin.

Getting Started

Adding Categories

There are two types of ways to add categories to articles to an article:

  1. Adding categories while editing the page
    1. Add [[Category:Category name]] to the bottom of your page.
    2. On the visual edit mode, on the right-hand side, you'll see "Categories". Type the Category name into the box above the designated category space, and select the desired category from the drop down menu. After, select "Publish"
  2. Adding categories while not editing the page
    1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where the categories are to be displayed — this is right above the comment section. There is a small button, titled "Add category". When clicked, you'll be enabled to type in any category name. You don't need to include [[Category:, you can just start typing the name of the category. If it exists already, then you can select the desired category from the drop down menu. When done, click the done button, located in the right corner, and the categories will be added.

Removing Categories

Be careful removing categories, they were put there for a reason. Removing categories repeatedly can result in a ban on this wiki. However, perhaps you made an error or want to correct someone else error.

  • To remove a category, click the "Edit" button at the top of an article. On the edit screen, on the right hand side, you'll see boxes with an article's categories. Click on the little trash can next to the name of the category that you wish to remove. After select "Publish".

Categorizing Pages

When to categorize

Every Wikipedia page should belong to at least one category, with the exception of talk pages, redirects, or user pages, though these may be placed in categories where appropriate. In addition, each categorized page should be placed in all of the most specific categories to which it logically belongs.

While it should typically be clear from the name of an existing category which pages it should contain, the text of the category page may sometimes provide additional information on potential category contents. One way to determine if suitable categories already exist for a particular page is to check the categories of pages concerning similar or related topics. Another way is to search existing category names. Since all categories form part of a hierarchy do not add categories to pages as if they are tags.

Categorization format

Particular considerations for categorizing articles:

  • By convention, category declarations are placed at the end of the wikitext, but before any {{stub}} templates (which themselves transclude categories).
  • An article should never be left with a non-existent (redlinked) category on it. Either the category should be created, or else the link should be removed or changed to a category that does exist.


To see a full list of Categories click here


Name Description
Characters Category should appear on all character articles.
Season 1 Characters All characters in the first season of Siren.
Main Characters All characters played by starring cast members
Recurring Characters All characters who appear 3 episodes or more.
Male Characters Characters who are male.
Female Characters Characters who are female.
Deceased Characters who are Deceased.
Mermaids Characters who are mermaids.
Mermen Characters who are mermen.


Name Description
Episodes Category should appear on all episode articles.
Season 1 Episodes All season one episodes.


Name Description
Locations Category should appear on all location articles.
Relationships Category should appear on all Relationship articles.
Events Articles related to an event should be in this category.
Objects Articles related to an object should be in this category.
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