Showdown is the sixth episode of the first season of Siren. It premiered on April 26, 2018.


When Ben and Maddie attend his mother’s fundraising gala, an unexpected guest shows up and offers to put an end to the overfishing that’s threatening the lives of the mermaids in Bristol Cove.[2]

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TBA when?

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  • Madi mentions that her father, played by Gil Birmingham, is in Forks, Washington with an aunt. Gil Birmingham is most notable for playing the role of Billy Black in The Twilight Saga, set in Forks, Washington
  • The title refers to the brief showdown between Donna, Ryn and Aldon Decker in the woods at night.
  • Ben and Ryn share their first kiss in this episode,
  • Ben reveals to Maddie that Ryn used her siren song on him.
  • Ryn explains to Ben and Maddie, that her mother died when she was young and that her sister has taken care of her ever since.
  • Aldon Decker discovers that Donna has a sister after he is lured to and attacked by both Ryn and Donna.
  • Ryn is taken in for questioning by the Marissa Staub at the end of the episode.

Quotes Edit
— Donna realizes Ryn's feelings of romantic affection for Ben
No human help me. They- hurt!! Pain!! And you, Sister, choose them.
— Donna to Ryn about the cruelness of humans
Hmm. There's a lot I'm not telling you.
— Helen to Maddie
He's not gonna stop until he finds her.
— Ben to Maddie about Decker relentless search for Donna
I finally found you. I should have found a better way to study you. Please, just...give me another chance.
— Decker tries to convince Donna to return with him, as he is entranced by her soothingly irresistible songs.
I know what she did to you. Can't sleep, can't think.
— Ben to Decker
What is happening?
— Aldon Decker is confronted by Ryn

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  • Pedro by St. Francis Hotel
  • When the Darkness Comes by Grace Fulmer

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