"Serenity" is the twenty-second episode of Siren and the twelfth episode in the second season.

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Ryn goes back to the ocean to get help for Ben and Maddie's conditions as the lingering side-affects of her song, but discovers that continuing to go back may get harder than she realized the longer she's on land. From Eliza, they learn there may be a special place in Ryn’s homeland that may help. When one of them falls under the hypnotically soothing power of the siren song, this piques the military on how Ryn can be of use to them.

Meanwhile, Helen and Ted connect on their shared family histories, on whether or not Ted's relatives had a hand in the mysterious demise of Helen's father.

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  • We learn about Ryn and the late Donna's undersea homeland
  • We discover the fate of Helen's late parents and connection to the Pownall, Hawkins, and Marzdan families.
  • It is revealed that Nicole's reason for aiding the military is to help her elder brother.

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Bearded Man: "There. See that?"

Ian: "Wait. Looks like a person. "

Bearded Man: "A person in a place impossible to reach without gear. That's why they're sweeping this whole Eco-terror attack under the rug."

Ian: "Who is?"

Bearded Man: "The military, Man. I been working a Klesco for almost five years. Last year, they put away a tree hugger just for tagging a ship with a peace sign. They don't just let things go. '

Ian: "So you're telling me the United States military stepped in and is covering the attack on the drill ship?"

Bearded Man: "That's what I'm saying. Days after the attack, feds came in-swiped all the footage."

Ian: "Not all the footage."


Helen: "Did you know about this? Did you know it was arson?"

Ted Pownall: "Then don't you think I would have mentioned it? This was all before my time, Helen."

Helen: "But did your father ever say anything to you?"

Ted Pownall: "You know as well as I do that my father was never a big sharer."

Helen: "Well, according to this, my parents were staying in your family's cottage the night of the fire."

Ted Pownall: "Why would your family have been staying in our cottage?"

Helen: "Your guess is as good as mine. But this article says it was arson, which means my father was murdered."

Ted Pownall: "Are you suggesting my family had something to do with that?"

Helen: "I'm just sating the facts! I'm sorry."

Ted Pownall: "


Ryn: "What is it?"

Eliza: "We find more- Male, female. But no young."

Ryn: "We will make more babies when tides change."

Eliza: "Safe to show humans place?"

Ryn: "Yes. It is safe with Ben and Maddie."


Nicole: "Hot off the press."

Ryn: "Not dark anymore."

Nicole: "That's right, Ryn. Not dark."

Maddie: "I don't believe it."

Ben: "You're saying it worked."

Nicole: "I'm saying the echo chamber removed a considerable amount of the damage."

Military Scientist: "There are remnants along the frontal lobe. Mostly begin lesions.Whatever you were exposed to down helped."

Maddie: "Oh, my God."

Ryn: "You are OK."

Ben: "Yes. We're OK."

Nicole: "We'll give you three some privacy. I handed over the recording to the techs. They'll start their analysis in the morning. If this can help keep you safe, maybe we can continue helping your mom with her treatment."

Ben: "Thanks, Nicole."


Nicole: "This pattern of you not trusting me is getting old. What am I supposed to tell my C.E.O.?"

Ben: "Tell him that the mission was a success."

Nicole: "I'm on your side. Remember that."

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