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Season 1 of the Freeform mermaid mystery-thriller series, Siren, was picked up for a 10 episode order on April 19, 2017.[1] On October 7, it was announced that the series would be released on March 29, 2018 in a two-hour event.[2] Blu-ray in January 6, 2020 (UK)

During the season's production, the filming took place in Vancouver, Canada.[3]


In the mermaid-obsessed sea town of Bristol Cove, everyone’s lives will change when actual mermaids come ashore, causing sides to be taken, loyalties to be tested and a war between man and mermaid to begin.




# Image Title Writer(s) Director Airdate
1 The Deep.jpg "The Mermaid Discovery" Eric Wald Scott Stewart March 29, 2018
The coastal town of Bristol Cove, once known for being home to mermaids, is turned upside down with the arrival of a mysterious girl.
2 The Lure.jpg "The Lure" Eric Wald Nick Copus March 29, 2018
Ben and crew of The North Star uncover a device emitting a strange sound. Meanwhile, Ryn finds shelter in the home of the local folklore expert.
3 Interview with a Mermaid.jpg "Interview With a Mermaid" Emily Whitesell Jay Karas April 5, 2018
Dale and the local police’s investigation starts pointing directly to Ryn, meanwhile Xander and Calvin’s search for Chris heats up when they locate the nurse who works at the military bunker.
4 On the Road.jpg "On the Road" Elle Triedman Steven A. Adelson April 12, 2018
When the military facility goes on high alert, Chris manages to escape, but he’s not the only one who gets out.
5 Curse of the Starving Class.jpg "Curse of the Starving Class" Michael Gans
Richard Register
John Badham April 19, 2018
Ben begins to investigate some suspicious over-fishing, meanwhile Decker ramps up his efforts to find his escaped mermaid and shows the true extent of his influence.
6 Showdown.jpg "Showdown" Holly Brix Martha Coolidge April 26, 2018
When Ben and Maddie attend his mother’s fundraising gala, an unexpected guest shows up and offers to put an end to the overfishing that’s threatening the lives of the mermaids in Bristol Cove.
7 Dead in the Water.jpg "Dead in the Water" Ian Sobel
Matt Morgan
Nick Copus May 3, 2018
When Ryn is taken in for questioning, Maddie rushes to her rescue. Meanwhile, Ben and Xander return to the deep sea to search for answers, only to be met by an uninvited guest.
8 Being Human.jpg "Being Human" Liz Maccie Amanda Tapping May 10, 2018
Bristol Cove mourns a loss causing Ryn to experience a new human emotion.
9 Street Fight.jpg "Street Fight" Zach Ayers Joe Menendez May 17, 2018
Donna comes ashore with two other members of her colony to bring Ryn back home. When mermaids once again begin wreaking havoc throughout the town, Dale tries to put an end to it once and for all.
10 Aftermath.jpg "Aftermath" Eric Wald
Emily Whitesell
Nick Copus May 24, 2018
In the season finale, the enchanting siren song takes hold of Ben and Decker. Meanwhile, Dale must answer for the escalating crime in Bristol Cove.

Production Notes

  • Principle shooting began on July 26, 2017.[3]
  • At Siren New York Comic Con on October 7, in New York City, the new drama series got a premiere date and also declared the debut date as International Mermaid Day. The original series made its two-hour premiere at 8 PM EST on March 29, 2018.[2]
  • On February 28, Freeform announced that they would bring the cast and executive producers of Siren to WonderCon on Saturday, March 24 in Anaheim, CA to screen never-before-seen footage and discuss the upcoming series.[9]
    • In the panel, Eric Wald, the creator, stated that even though the series has a supernatural element, they wanted to include as much real science as possible.[10]



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