Sean Ronald McClure was a recurring character on Freeform's series, Siren. He is portrayed by Brian Anthony Wilson.

Sean McClure was a local fisherman in Bristol Cove. He was the captain of the North Star boat. His crew consisted of his son, Xander and his friends, Calvin and Chris.

Early Life Edit

Sean was born into an fisherman family and followed in his ancestors footsteps. He married Patti and had one son with her. Later on he bought a ship and became captain of it.

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Sean was a selfless, rugged, but active fisherman. Everyone adored him and his crew. When Sean passed away, everyone was saddened due to the heavy loss of a decent person.

Sean was also a caring and responsible father toward his son, Xander. Sean even entrusted his boat to his son before passing due to heavy wounds he sustained in a fight against mermaids.

Throughout the Series Edit

Season 1 Edit

Sean is captain of North Star motorboat whose crew were rounding up several gray fish and had unknowingly caught a mermaid along with their catch. He called the military to come and pick up fellow fisherman Chris Mueller who had been grievously hurt by the mysterious and fast mermaid.

Season 2 Edit

Many months later, his decomposed corpse is accidentally raised from the depths of the sea by a fishing net., raising further questions from the townspeople after undergoing an autopsy.

Quotes Edit

This is the North Star vessel. I have a crew member need of medical attention. Bite to the abdomen, severe blood loss.
— Sean

Navy seals the whole deal. C.G. says they have no record of the evac, like t never happened.
— Sean

I had a clean shot 'til you stepped in. Almost like you don't want us catching it.
— Sean

I'm taking you back!
— Sean

She's yours now, Son.
— Sean

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Trivia Edit

  • He is the first human to be murdered in the show.
  • His demise has left quite a negative effect on his son, full of intense fury and bitter vengeance towards his killer.
  • Levi recognizes him as the man he had killed after seeing a picture of him next to Ted and Ben Pownall.

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