"Sacrifice" is the twenty-fifth episode of Siren and fifteenth episode of the second season which is the penultimate.

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Ben and Xander are left dealing with a shocking discovery about Chris and his connection to the military.

Meanwhile, Helen and Maddie reluctantly seek help from the hybrids as the threat of extinction looms over the merpoeple.

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  • This is the penultimate episode of Season 2.
  • Ryn's mermaid stem cells are indeed having, if gradually, a positive affect on Elaine's paralysed legs
  • Ten years ago, it is revealed that Ted had actually seen a mermaid when he went into the sea to save Elaine, but regarded it as mere fantasy.
  • Ian Sutton discovers the secret location of the merpeople-human Hybrids, and watches from a distance, while Ben and Maddie, along with Helen, Beth, Rick and the rest bear witness to Ryn do a partial transformation of her legs into gray mermaid tail. He then abducts her sleeping form and takes her in his car to show her as "real evidence"
  • Beth tells Ryan of her Pownall ancestry, which disgusts him and he and some others leave, feeling that Beth can no longer be trusted
  • It is revealed that the Hybrids have secretly implanted Meredith with one of Ryn's embryos

Quotes Edit

Xander: "Oh, hey. You, uh...find Nicole?"

Ben: "No. I found someone else."

Xander: "Hell!!? Chris!!?"

Ben: "Chris...this is Xander."

Chris: Nice to meet you."

Ben: Go on."

Xander (uncertain): "Uh, yeah...nice to meet you, too."

Ben: "I'll explain later."


Elaine Pownall: "Ted? I thought you already left. You're still here?"

Ted Pownall: "Yeah. You know...just heading out."

Elaine Pownall: "Back for dinner?"

Ted Pownall: "Ah, well, I'll do my best, Sweetie.You okay?"

Elaine Pownall: "You touched my leg. Ted, I felt it."

Ted Pownall: "Here?"

Elaine Pownall: "I definitely feel something."


Ben: "We can't do this with the military. Even if it was successful, they'd never let us transfer it back to Ryn. They'd wanna control it."

Ryn: "But it is mine."

Maddie: "They'd just grow the baby without you."

Ryn: "Nicole? Maybe she can help?"

Ben: "I don't know where Nicole is."

Helen: "There's no one you trust there?"

Ben: "No. Especially now."

Maddie: "Why?"

Ben: "I went back there; found out some things. They did it- the graveyard."

Helen: "As we suspected."

Maddie: "We can't just take Ryn to a fertility clinic."

Helen: "Beth- her people."

Ben: "Ryn, I am so sorry about your sister."

Ryn: "That is not my sister, only her bones. My sister is alive. In here."


David: "It might be time to lay all cards on the table, don't you think?"

Ben: "Is this when mention the cameras you hid in my house?"

David: "It's my duty to gather information on these creatures, how they behave, if they pose a threat."

Maddie: "You crossed a line."

David: "But sometimes that a cost to gaining knowledge. How is Chris doing?"

Ben: "Getting out here has been good for him."

David: "Things work better when we all collaborate."


Beth: "Our doctor will be prepared as soon as we receive the embryo."

Helen: "Good."

Beth: "And, Helen, this is what I wanted to share with you. It's a cleansing ritual we have. It's something we've done for many years in our community to overcome our fertility issues. We want to give Ryn the best chance of a successful pregnancy."

Helen: "That's very kind of you, but it's completely Ryn's decision."

Beth: "Of course."

Helen: "Would all members of the community be attending?"

Beth: "Bryan won't be here. Fertility rituals are female only."

Helen: "I am sure Ryn would want Ben to be there."

Beth: "Ryn can have anything she wants."


Leena: "You'll feel drowsy for a little while. Try to stay as still as possible. The procedure went exceptionally well."

Meredith: "And Ryn?"

Leena: "Not yet. I implanted the first embryo in you. She'll receive the second."

Meredith: "I'll pray for us both."


Beth: "What are you doing here!? This a female ritual."

Ryan: "And you include him?"

Beth: "We needed his help. How did you know about this? I'm in charge here."

Ryan: "Are you? This is supposed to be a safe place for us, and you welcome him here- a Pownall! She's choosing the family that killed our people."

Beth: "We can't keep living in the past, worry about threats that don't exist."

Ryan: "It happened once, it could happen again. Nothing good comes from that family."

Beth: "That's not true. I've sacrificed everything for us, to protect us. And I'm one of them."

Ryan: "What do you mean?"

Beth: " I am a Pownall."

Helen: "And so am I."-

Ryan: "How long have you known this for?"

Helen: "I only told her the last time I was here. She's kept you safe all these years. She deserves your trust."

Ryan: "Not anymore. I'm going!! Who's with me? You'll regret this."


Warren (on iPhone): "A call this late better be good."

Ian: "You wanted evidence? I got it."

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