I am Ryn. I come from the sea.
— Her very first words [src]

Ryn Fisher is a main character on the Freeform series Siren. She is portrayed by Eline Powell.

Ryn is a mermaid who finds herself in Bristol Cove, a coastal town known for its history with mermaids. When she arrives in town, she assumes the name "Ryn" from a cartoon she briefly watches through a child's bedroom window. She is there searching for her sister, Donna, who was separated from her by fishermen who accidentally captured her.

Official Description Edit

Ryn is a strange young woman with a deep dark secret.

Early Life Edit

Not much is known about Ryn's past. The only thing known is that Ryn and Donna are sisters that come from a mermaid colony. At some point prior to the start of the series, Ryn and Donna's mother died. From there, Donna made it her responsibility to take care of Ryn and herself.

Physical Appearance Edit


Ryn, in her human form, has a slim figure, fair skin, long dark brown hair and steel blue eyes. Her most defining feature is her sharp cheekbones. It has been said several times by other humans (examples: Ben/Maddie/etc.) that Ryn has a physical appearance which draws others to her. This is probably because of her natural, beautiful mermaid nature.


Ryn mermaid form

Ryn in mermaid form

Ryn, in her mermaid form, has the upper-body of a human and the lower-half of a spiky, long fishtail. Along with that, she has small sharpened teeth, large glassy eyes and exposed ribs.


As a mermaid, Ryn is a feral and menacing predator as seen when a shark head shows up onshore and when she attacks her rescuer, Ben, after her return to the water.

As a human, she is very curious and a highly intelligent creature. Even without a grasp of the English language, Ryn exudes a balance of innocence and naivety with dangerous animistic instinct. Ryn is a dangerous predator, who will attack at the slightest provocation, as when a woman yells at her as she is stealing clothing, or at a man who misunderstood her silence for agreement to sexual activity.

Although Ryn does not seem to be particularly intelligent in most situations, she has a remarkable memory, and capacity to learn and mimic language.

Nicole describes her as "highly evolved, even rational".

Throughout the Series Edit

Season 1 Edit

Ryn and her sister, Donna, were swimming near the surface looking for food, when Donna was caught in the fisherman's net. Unable to do anything, Ryn watched as her sister was pulled up aboard the boat. Ryn decided that she was going to come onto land in an attempt to look for her sister. Now in her human form, she nakedly wandered straight in front of a car. The tires screeched to a halt and Ben Pownall came out of the car, asking her if she was okay. Disoriented and shaky on her legs, she turned away from him and continued walking in the opposite direction before her legs gave out and she fainted.

Ryn awoke on the couch of Ben's living room and inspected the shirt she had on, before Ben spoke to her, drawing her attention to him. She observed her surroundings, mesmerized by everything within her eyesight. She picked up a little-neck clam and started sniffing it. When Ben began talking again, she curiously stared at him and sang the siren's song to him. Their tender moment was interrupted by a knock on the door. When Ben left to answer the door, she used this chance to escape through the window.

The next morning, she woke up in an abandoned boat, ate a rat for sustenance, stole a hoodie and wandered down the streets of Bristol Cove. The town was having a festival, celebrating 150 years since the town's founding and their history with mermaids. She stopped in front of an antique store. Helen stopped in her tracks and stared back in awe, gradually realizing what Ryn was. Before Helen had a chance to talk to her, Ryn continued wandering down the street.

Reaching Pownall Seafood, Ryn inspected all the boats for any clues that might lead her to her sister. Seeing the North Star boat, Ryn climbed aboard. Remembering the orange net, she flashed back to the time when her sister was captured and taken away from her.

Later on, she spotted rain boots and slipped them on after stepping on a shard of glass and injuring her foot. Walking further, she picked up a black helicopter toy similar to the military's that took her sister. Overhearing a child's TV program from the open window, she named herself Ryn after the cartoon. This caused the kid to turn around and greet her. Embarrassed, Ryn hid behind the bushes. She then came across a local and introduced herself as Ryn. She tried to communicate with the man that she wanted him to take her to the black helicopter she saw her sister fly away in, but when she got inside his car, he made sexual advancements towards her but was met with a violent death - Ryn ripped his throat out and threw him through his car window.

Her skin was getting more irritated and dehydrated the longer she stayed on land. Making it to the Bristol Cove Marine Research Center, she blended with the children, pretending to be part of the tour, guided by Maddie Bishop. After Maddie explained her interest in working as a marine biologist, they went outside. Ryn stayed behind and drank the fish shake, which was a blend of herring and cod as well as other nutrients. After she finished eating, she joined them outside by the wharf, where the children were meeting the two sea lions, Sitka and Hazy. Sensing her presence, the two seals began growling angrily. They could sense she was a predator. One of the children noticed Ryn intensely staring at the seals and accused her of making them uneasy.

Just then, Ben arrived at the marine center and spotted Ryn. Ryn cowered away from him, moving further back into the room, as Ben advanced toward her. He tried to calm her hissing as he knelt down in front of her and tried to befriend Ryn once more. She reciprocated his greeting by introducing herself as Ryn. Ryn's health deteriorated as her breathing got more labored and she's also started coughing. Concerned, Ben noted that she was sick. Ryn hesitantly allowed him to examine her arm, now largely covered in scales. Ben was still hypnotized by her siren song. Maddie interrupted them and informed Ben that everything was back to normal. Ben then introduced Ryn to her and told her that she was sick. After their exchange, Maddie left to go lock down the pen and Ben remained with Ryn and told her he was calling a doctor for her.

Ryn's condition had worsened. Her whole body was now covered in scaly skin and she was very dehydrated. Ryn realized that she needed to get back into the water, so she dragged her body down the wharf and plunged into the water. When she entered, she took off her clothes before her body began transforming into a mermaid. She screamed in agony as her transition began. Her bones began reconfiguring; her sharp teeth appeared, her hands turned into webbed hands that ended in claws, her dorsal fin protruded from her back, and her legs joined to form a fishtail.

With her transition complete, she started swimming when Ben saw her in one of the bay's cameras. When Ben dived in, Ryn attacked him, as it was a mermaid's natural instinct to kill, and she did not view Ben as a friend any longer, he was prey. She managed to thrash him around and bite him in his neck before Ben hit her with a pole and swam back up to the wharf.

Ryn continued swimming further into the ocean and soon enough, she came across the North Star boat once again.[1]

Season 2 Edit




Donna and Ryn reuniting after being separated.

Donna is Ryn's mermaid sister and the new leader over her in their mermaid colony. They share a close relationship, especially after the death of their mother years ago, and often hunt for food together. However, during one of their food hunts, they are caught in Xander’s father’s ship net and beached on their ship. Ryn and Donna try to escape while injuring Chris Mueller in the process. In the end, Donna is captured by the U.S. military and Ryn escapes. Ryn later beaches herself and turns into a human in an attempt to find Donna. Ryn finds several human allies along the way until Donna and Ryn share a heartfelt reunion and return to the ocean together.

A month after their reunion, Donna and Ryn are forced to find help on land due to humans over fishing in their waters. Donna goes against Ryn’s friends and allies after she believes all humans are bad, which strains their relationship. Ryn stays on land to rectify the fishing situation while Donna returns to their colony in the water. After Donna realized her colony wants to kill Ryn for staying on land for too long, Donna temporarily abandons her colony and allies with Ryn and her friends to stop their colony. This restores their close relationship. However, Ryn risks losing Donna after Xander unintentionally shoots Donna. Ryn anxiously waits for Donna's recovery, but unfortunately, Donna’s chances are slim according to Ben, Maddie and Helen.

Donna eventually succumbs to her wounds and dies in Ryn's arms, which leaves Ryn to experience more heartbreak as a newbie human. Later on, Ryn decides to let Helen help her find a burial place for her sister.

Mermaid ColonyEdit

Ryn leads a mermaid colony which holds fellow mermaids Donna, Levi and Katrina in it. Katrina was originally Ryn's matriarchal leader. However, Levi and Katrina felt that she was on land too long and attempted to kill her. However, Ryn asserts her dominance over Katrina and gains leadership over Katrina's mermaid colony.

Ben PownallEdit


Ben interviewing Ryn.

Ryn first meets Ben after seeing him driving down a deserted road and he spots her running around his town barely clothed. Being she was a non-English speaking mermaid, she doesn’t understand Ben’s intentions as he clothes her and drives with her back to his house. Ben is puzzled at Ryn and tries to figure her out as she continues to blankly stare at him. Ryn then decided to use her siren song on him, hypnotizing him being she was curious about him, until she could escape his house on foot. Ryn eventually is found by Ben again. Later in his marine rescue center, Ryn struggles to the water and transforms into her siren-self. Ben sees this on camera and dives in after her thinking she is drowning. However, this is where Ben first discovers Ryn is, in fact, a mermaid/siren. Acting on instinct, Ryn attacks Ben underwater despite knowing he isn't a real threat.

Their friendship continues to develop during the first season until it grows into something a little more than platonic, especially when Ben becomes obsessed with Ryn’s siren song. Ryn was unaware of his growing-obsession for her. Despite this obsession, Ryn and Ben grow to be close friends, who even share a kiss at one point (Ryn is unaware of romantic interaction at this point, however). Even though Ryn is a bit naive of what the difference of friendship and romantic love is in human culture, she refers to Ben as being "love". After the events of the first season, Ryn sees how obsessed Ben has become with her, especially with her siren song (similar to how Aldon became obsessed with Donna's siren song) knowing what became of Aldon, Ryn decides that it is best if she stayed away from Ben for a while for his safety. In the latest episode "Primal Instincts" Ryn, Maddie and Ben wake up after falling asleep cuddling after having shared kisses and falling asleep. Ryn asks Maddie and Ben why they stopped, which Maddie replies they weren't sure if Ryn wanted to do anything more. Ryn replies that "She wants to make love to Ben and Maddie" Ben and Maddie share a look before replying they would like that too.

Maddie BishopEdit


Ryn holding Maddie's head.

Ryn meets Maddie through Ben and the two share a tense relationship at first and Ryn even attacks her at some point, but Maddie continues to open up about herself to Ryn, which helps them to grow closer in friendship. Eventually, Ryn decides to fully trust Maddie with Ben as they help Ryn find her sister. They share several moments together, which helps them to grow closer during the first season, such as: when Maddie opened up to a curious Ryn about her choice to decorate her hair, when Maddie helped Ryn dry off after falling into a hotel pool and Ryn hugged Maddie after learning she was afraid of her, and when Ryn asked about Maddie's mother and Maddie taught her what love was (which lead Ryn to kiss her) Ryn also refers to Maddie as being "love" (along with Ben) at some point during the series, opening up the possibility of a romantic relationship between the two. In the latest episode "Primal Instincts" the show has officially made Ben, Maddie and Ryn a polyamorous relationship.

Helen HawkinsEdit


Ryn and Helen.

Ryn became friends with Helen after she remained on land to find her sister, Donna. Helen sheltered Ryn while she tried to find her sister. Helen made it strictly clear to Ryn that she belonged in the water, despite this, the two grew closer as friends and allies. Ryn also reveals she sensed Helen was a fellow mermaid, after they both buried Donna's body.


Aldon DeckerEdit

Ryn becomes enemies with Aldon after she learns through Donna that Aldon was the one to experiment on and torture Donna. Ryn and Donna decide to lure Aldon into the woods and try to kill him for the torture he inflicted upon Donna, but Ben arrived in time to stop them from killing Aldon. Ryn later lets Aldon try to help Donna's wounds, but Ryn tells Aldon to leave when he begs Donna to sing her siren song to him.

Dale BishopEdit

Ryn meets Maddie’s father after his team arrests her. Dale interrogates Ryn about a supposed-drug epidemic, but their relationship is no longer hostile when Maddie helps Ryn reveal her siren-nature to Dale. Ryn and Dale become allies and their hostile relationship is no longer when they ally to stop Ryn’s mermaid colony from wreaking havoc amongst the town.


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Powers and abilities Edit

  • In her human form Ryn is highly stronger, faster and resistant than normal human beings.
  • In her mermaid form she's even stronger, faster and resistant than her human form.
  • She can naturally breathe underwater.
  • She can reach every depth in the water.
  • She heals a lot faster than humans, this healing process is accelerated in her mermaid form.
  • She can confuse people minds and lead them in a state of madness with her voice, singing a particular song composed with lots of frequencies (as seen with Aldon Decker and Chris Mueller, by her sister Donna, Ben Pownall and Maddie Bishop, by Ryn herself).
  • She can take away the pain from living beings with her voice, singing a different song, as shown in "No North Star".

Trivia Edit

  • Her name is also a town in Poland.
  • Her unnamed mother died long before she had time to remember her. We do not know what happened to her father, since the females do not give much importance to the males with which they mate.
    • Her lack of resemblance to Donna suggests that although sharing the same mother, they would be from two different fathers, which would make them maternal half-sisters.
  • Maddie says to her long-lost addict mother in "Primal Instincts" that Ryn is from Finland when she asked about Ryn's accent.
  • It is in particular to her that the scientists of the army seem to be interested, because of the reports of Nicole according to which she is very evolved and even more rational than the others; referring to her as "the one they need". This is confirmed by the fact that Ryn is the siren of her colony that spent the most time on the surface.
  • It is revealed that in "No North Star", she has the ability to sing a particular soothing song that takes away pain but not fully heals.
    • This song was probably taught to her by Eliza, who was in a way the healer of their colony.

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