Ryn's Mate is an unidentified merman that Ryn brings to land in order to conceive a child and to preserve the population of her kind.

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He is depicted as having pale olive skin, aqua blue eyes and curly black beard.

In true form, he has a gray fish tail and knife-sharp fangs.

As a merman, he is quite muscular and powerfully built.

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Trivia Edit

  • His is the third merman to appear in the show, after Levi and Sarge.
    • However unlike them he wasn't given a name right off the bat.
  • He is the second merman to have made love with and have had a child with a mermaid; the first was an unknown merman who is/was mate to the late Donna, and father to Cami.
  • He particularly sparks the jealously and rage within Ben, having "stolen" Ryn to conceive his child.
  • Like Ryn, he is unaware that his unborn child was stolen to be implanted a mermaid/human hybrid for her parents to have a full-blooded merperson grandchild of their own

Quotes Edit

  • "Ben."
  • "You, Maddie and Ryn?"
  • "Good to Ryn."

About Ryn's Mate Edit

  • "He has no words. He is new to land."
  • "I could not find Levi, so I bring him."
  • "We don't know him! He could hurt her!"
  • "He sleep now."
  • "He stay."
  • "I'll do it with him."
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