Ryan is a supporting character in the second season of Siren. He was a good friend to Beth Marzdan, who had him abduct her own brother, Rick Marzdan and Helen Hawkins, and lock them in a basement. Ryan is also prejudiced towards the Pownalls as a result of what their ancestor did long ago.

He is portrayed by Daniel Cudmore.

Physical Appearances Edit

He is a tall, muscular man with dark hair and facial hair.

Personality Edit

He is very submissive to Ryn when he feels her presence as the alpha female but when he learns about Ben's ancestry as a descendant of Charles Pownall, he is very hostile to him. He was also quick to turn on Beth after finding out she's distantly related to the Pownalls going far as to call her a traitor. However this makes him a Hypocrite as he along with his family are soon revealed to have no qualms kidnapping Merchildren

to satisfy their goals which is shown when he and Lenna went behind Ryn and co's back to steal her unborn child so they can have a full blood

of their very own. The reason why they'd want to raise a full blooded marperson is currently unknown except that it's for malicious reasons.

Throughout the Series Edit

At Elizabeth's call, he arrives where Helen and Ricard were locked in and told Beth that he would gather "the others."

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  • Like Beth Marzdan, he will go to extremes to ensure the secrecy of merpeople's existence from any who would wish them ill
  • Disgusted that Beth is distantly descended from the man who killed their people, he decides to leave and go elsewhere with several other hybrids. Unfortunately, he is later caught and forced to don a military's blue medical uniform to be experimented on for his partial of merman blood
    • However it's later revealed that he was never caught by the U.S. Military as Ben choose not to save Ian. However, it is revealed that he has been scheming with his wife, Leena, to finally have a "full-blooded child" of their own by implanting the unborn child of Ryn and her mate into their daughter Meredith

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