Ryan is a supporting character debuting in the second season of Siren. He is a good friend to Beth Marzdan, who had him abduct her own brother, Rick Marzdan and Helen Hawkins, and lock them in a basement. Ryan is also prejudiced towards the Pownalls as a result of what their ancestor did long ago.

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At a hotel, he comes in a bathroom and abducts Rick from behind and catches Helen outside.

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  • Like Beth Marzdan, he will go to extremes to ensure the secrecy of merpeople's existence from any who would wish them ill
  • Disgusted that Beth is distantly descended from the man who killed their people, he decides to leave and go elsewhere with several other hybrids. Unfortunately, he is later caught and forced to don a military's blue medical uniform to be experimented on for his partial of merman blood
    • However it's later revealed that he was never caught by the U.S. Military as Ben choose not to save Ian. However, it is revealed that he has been scheming with his wife, Leena, to finally have a "full-blooded child" of their own by implanting the unborn child of Ryn and her mate into their daughter Meredith

Quotes Edit

Season Two Edit

  • "I'll get the others."
  • "Do I know you?"
  • "I remember why you look so familiar!! You're a Pownall!!"
  • "This man is a Pownall!! He's a descendant of Charles, who killed our kind!!"
  • "You're just gonna let all 'em go, huh?"
  • "Are you?"
  • "And you welcome him here? A Pownall! She''s choosing the family that killed our people!"
  • "It happened once. It'll happen again. Nothing good comes from that family."
  • "What do you mean?"
  • "How long have you known this for?"
  • "Not anymore. I'm going!! Who's with me? You'll regret this."
  • "You caused this."
  • "We'll have a full-blooded one of our own."

Season Three Edit

  • "
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