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Revelations is the Season 3 premiere and second episode of the third season of Siren. It aired on April 2, 2020.[2]


When another mysterious death is uncovered in Bristol Cove, Ryn suspects Tia. Maddie befriends a new acquaintance in Seattle. Helen warns the hybrids of trouble. Xander begins training and Ted revisits the past.[2]


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Guest Starring


  • Marilyn Norryn as Roberta
  • Megan Danso as Annie Brennan
  • Donal Thoms-Cappello as Officer Brigg
  • Rob McEachern as Lancer
  • Nevin Burkholder as Drunk Tourist
  • Xiomara Lomez as Another Drunk Tourist
  • Kaylin Metchie as Waitress
  • Dion Riely as Librarian


  • Katrina is revealed to be a blood relative to Tia, as they both share the same eye color. Katrina is also revealed to have been adopted by Ryn's colony after she either got orphaned or separated from her natal colony as a merbaby.
  • We learn from Ryn that there are thousands of more tribes of Merfolk in the world's oceans, all of them stay apart never visiting another's territory.
    • A few locations where other tribes are located are: the Arctic Ocean, the Carribean Sea, and the waters of Ko Tapu, AKA Tapu Island, in Phang Nga Bay in Thailand.
  • The coordinates of Ted's boat accident 10 years ago (Latitude: 47.75, Longitude: -125.86) pinpoints to Carson Sound. This is where Charles Pownell's ship sunk in 1864.
    • Carson Sound was the location of many shipping lanes, it was also the deepest part of the passageway to land. The mermaids would have had to use it to avoid being discovered by fisherman, but it did not always work out that way.
  • Xander applies for the police academy and gets accepted.
  • Robb's ocean clean-up project involves a system, in which the wind and the currents of the oceans along with a giant boom and rim will be used to collect the trash in the center of the system. A vessel will remove the collected plastics every few months.
    • The system will start in the North Pacific Subtropical Convergence Zone, halfway between California and Hawaii and continue onward.
  • Elaine is worried about Ted, she feels responsible for his stress regarding her own health and clinical trials.


Always, our tribes have been divided. Everyone stays far apart, far away. We never go to another's territory. Many wars were fought over this. I heard of the wars growing up, but I did not understand how big the world was. How many of us...But with oceans warming, the food going away, we must do something. To help feed each other, make more babies.
— Ryn about the situation of Merfolk.



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