Primal Instinctsis the fifth episode of the second season of Siren and the fifteenth episode of the series overall. It premiered on February 21, 2019.

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Ryn continues to try to teach the other mermaids to be more human on land in order to better integrate, but some are starting to resist her due to the influence and threats of Katrina.

Meanwhile, Maddie finds herself in a dangerous situation, trying to help her troubled mother Susan, who has returned to her alcoholic ways.

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  • This episode features Ryn's second on land kill in order to protect Maddie.
  • Rick reveals that he has sister named Beth, who shuns him.
  • We see Sarge/Frank in his true merman form for the first time.
  • As of this episode, Sarge and Helen have formed an attraction.

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Ben: "It's not so good for the males, though. They bite them on the neck and then hit them with their tails."

Ryn: Males sometimes die from too much mating."

Xander: "Yesterday, I stopped by the boat. I was hiding something. Someone. I found one of them. The one that was there at the night of the street fight. She was dying in the middle of the road, so I took her back to the North Star and then..."

Ben: "She's dangerous, Man. You gotta be careful."

Xander: "She's crazy. So I started calling her Katrina. You know, like the hurricane?"

Ben: "Yeah."

Xander: "She says that none of them want to be here. I wanted to help my dad, but..."

Rick: "Oh, hey. You have a break in?"

Helen: "Break out, actually. My house guests like to wander."

Rick: 'Where are they they now?"

Helen: "Upstairs, sleeping."

Rick: "I shouldn't have stopped by."

Helen: "No no, not at all. I'm happy you came."

Cami: "Who hurt Mother?"

Ryn: "A human."

Cami: "Human!"

Ryn: "It was accident. Not all humans kill."

Cami: "You...human."

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