Patricia "Patti" McClure was the loving brown-haired wife of the late Captain Sean McClure and is Xander's mother. Debuting in "Being Human" at her husband's funeral and reception, she expressed her sorrow and anger towards Ted Pownall, stating that her husband was dead due to being overworked over Ted's greed for power and money.

Several months later, she is mentioned in "Entrapment" by both Helen and Maddie, who were worried at how she taking the discovery of her husband's corpse being recovered from the bottom of the sea. Xander had left to break the news gently to her, saying to Ben that she had finally found some peace.

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She is slim, with a tan skin tone and waist-length auburn hair.

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  • "Tell me."
  • "Please, I need to hear."
  • "You're right. It is on you. And why!!? To make you richer.You are responsible for tearing families apart!! My husband is dead, but it's not because some damn net pulled him overboard!! He was overworked over your greed. So you're right, Ted. This one is on you."

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  • "Xan."

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  • "
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