"On the Road" is the fourth episode of the first season of Siren. It premiered on April 12, 2018.


When the military facility goes on high alert, Chris manages to escape, but he’s not the only one who gets out.[2]



Guest Starring

Special Guest Star


  • Anthony Harrison as Admiral Harrison
  • Hannah Levien as Janine
  • Veronkia Hadrava as Nurse Donna Stevenson
  • Ellen Ewusie as Tanya
  • Serge Jaswal as John
  • Dayleigh Nelson as Kevin
  • Adam Klassen as Computer Tech
  • Ronald Patrick Thompson as Armed Guard
  • Arran Henn as News Anchor
  • Tevis Toro as White Van Man #1
  • Shane Nicely as White Van Man #2


  • Ryn learns that Helen is, in fact, a fellow mermaid when she sees the exact same flaky, scaly marks on Helen's left arm.
  • Donna and Ryn are reunited and return to the depths of the seas.


Helen: "Why did you and your sister come so close to the surface? You know better. I'm sure you've been warned."
Ryn: "Food."

(after Ben picks the lock of Donna Stevenson's front door)
Xander: "What, they teach you that in college?"
Ben: "No. Grad school."

Decker: "She knew to put clothes on. All this time, we thought we were studying her. She was studying us."

Ryn: "Your father a hunter?"
Maddie: "He only hunts bad people."
Ryn: "I am not bad."

Ben: "That girl."
Maddie: "Her sister. She found her."


  • Break Apart by Bonobo feat. Rhye
  • Crying Shame by The Teskey Brothers
  • Midnight by The Blue Stones
  • Enemies by Hawk Eyes
  • Goodnight Sisters by Michael A. Levine



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