North Star is the motorboat that belonged to the late Sean McClure, who used it for him and his fellow fishermen to catch nets of fish. It was on, where the powerful mermaid Donna had happened to get caught , if unintentionally,in their fishing net and then taken by the military for experiments.

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A few weeks later, Xander McClure insisted to use his father's boat to go and get Donna after he witnessed her painfully agonizing transformation from human to mermaid. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned since a brown-skinned merman and Donna arrived suddenly and attacked. resulting in Seam McClure's demise at the hands of the warrior merman.

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It was then passed down to Xander, as the captain's son and heir of sorts, who used to further his own vengeful ends in taking out Levi for murdering his father. Having discovered the weakened and injured Katrina (whom he himself had named), he imprisoned her in the bottom holding tank to interrogate her about Levi's whereabouts. From it, he showed Katrina, through binoculars, the boat of Kelsco Oil, the reason why she nor none of her kind could return home.

After escaping, Katrina returned with Cami who put Xander in the same holding place which happened to be with a weak and wounded Levi.

Eventually, it is used for Ben, Maddie and the merpeople to go into the sea and dismantle the drill before it extracts any oil. However, Katrina silently signals Cami that is time. She furiously attacks Xander with an ax in retaliation for taking her mother away from her. The skirmish results in a cord being cut, which in turn, creates a fire and a huge fiery explosion in the ocean.

As Ben and Maddie save him and Calvin, Xander declines Calvin's request to get the cost guard and lets it burn and capsize into the depths of the sea.

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  • Episode Nineteen is "No North Star", which shows that Xander allows it to burn and sink beneath the depths of the sea

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