Nicole Martinez is a new main character on Freeform's series, Siren, debuting in the premiere of Season Two. She is portrayed by Natalee Linez.

Official Description Edit

A mysterious woman with her own agenda, catches Xander’s eye when she moves to town, temporarily distracting him from the painful death of his father.[1]

Early Life Edit

Her family is mainly military-oriented and her father wanted her along with her older brother to enroll in the military. Even though her father forbade her to do anything that would "ruin her academic reputation" she secretly played video games. One day when her brother was enlisted to Iraq, he was hit by an IED but thankfully, he survived. She got enlisted on a project that dealt with "exotic" stem cells (which was later revealed to be work on merfolk), and she volunteered to help out.

Physical Appearance Edit

Nicole is a pretty, attractive young woman with a slender body with a slight curve at her torso. She has tan skin, dark eyes, and long, flowing, black hair that goes down her shoulders

Personality Edit

Under the guise of a civilian, Nicole displays curiosity and later affection towards Xander, even up to the point that they have sex together. In reality, she is very secretive as she is working undercover for the military as she resumes the military's plans for the merpeople.

Throughout the Series Edit

She appears to have replaced the late Aldon Decker in assisting the military in the secret project in tracking down and experimenting on more merfolk. At first, she appeared to be a "new girl" in town and got into a relationship with Xander, but in reality when she was alone, it was revealed that she was secretly working for the military.

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Trivia Edit

  • She is second female to work for the U.S. military, the other being Nina who debuted in Season 1.
  • She is oblivious to the fact that there are hybrids living in and around Bristol Cove.
  • It is revealed that she had installed three security cameras in Ben's home at the end of "Serenity".
  • She is absent in "The Outpost" and "The Last Mermaid", in which she is referenced/mentioned several times by Xander and Ben.
  • According to a woman at the hotel, where Nicole stayed in "Entrapment", Nicole had an argument with David Kyle a few days ago, who had her come reluctantly with him back to base

Quotes Edit

  • "Did your friend say you have a boat?"
  • "Lieutenant Nicole. I've followed the trail and gained access to the secured the location. I'll be in touch."
  • "Oh, my god."
  • "Whoa."
  • "The last twenty-hour hours have been...intense."
  • "No. In fact, I found the one we need."
  • "I been tracking and I was led straight to the alpha. You should see this one. She's highly evolved, rational even. Which leaves me to reconsider the strategy. "
  • "It feels misguided to capture by force. If I can convince her to come willingly, I think we'll get a lot more out of her."
  • "I know who you are. What you are."
  • "I'm not gonna hurt you. I just didn't except you to be so...human."
  • "I just meant that you're special. Unique."
  • "That was a mistake."
  • "They can't protect you like my friends can. My friends are...powerful."
  • "People who protect the country."
  • "Whoa! No needles!!"
  • "She pushed him so hard, he stabbed himself."
  • "How that work with the other one you caught?"
  • "What exactly are we going be to doing with her?"
  • "They're basically an endangered species."
  • "I'm talking about a whole new way of working with them."
  • "I got your text."
  • "These are our orders."
  • "That's not everything I wanted. Look, I don't except you to forgive me. I mean, how could you? You don't even know me."
  • "My older brother was deployed two weeks ago; a wreck. I had nothing to look after him. Grew up in a military family, so it was kinda the thing to do. "
  • "I didn't see the action, but I had to do something. I heard about this military group, supposed to help wounded soldiers walk again. They said it involved some exotic stem cells."
  • "I offered to help in any that I could."
  • "Clearly you didn't. I have to alert my C.E.O."
  • "What's to think about!? She's dangerous and on the loose!"
  • "This pattern of you not trusting me is getting old. What am I supposed to tell my C.E.O.?"
  • "I'm on your side. Remember that."
  • "

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