"Natural Order" is the thirteenth episode of Siren and the second season's third episode. It aired on the seventh of February 2019.

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Ryn fights Katrina in a fish tank to maintain leadership of the pack when her loyalties are questioned over her close friendship with Ben and Maddie.

Ben interferes in a rare mermaid ritual,; one that determines female leadership of the whole colony. This causes friction between him and Ryn. Meanwhile, Helen discovers more about her family lineage, due to the interference of a suspicious Elaine Pownall.

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  • This is the first time that an annual mermaid ritual is known- to fight for leadership of one's colony as the alpha female, as what Ryn had done on land by beating Katrina in combat in "Street Fight."
  • Helen is revealed to have had another distant relative all along; a man by the make of Rick, who also has the scaly marks on his right arm; same what Helen has on her left leg. This implies that is distantly related to a merman or mermaid as Helen is via her great-grandmother.
  • It appears that Susan had befriended another man during her nine-month absence.
  • The hypnotic, enchantingly melodic Siren song is just as addictive to the mermaid who sings it.
  • The episode marks the first time that a woman (Maddie) has listened to the Siren song.

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Ryn: "What is this?"

Ben: "We can't bring you to the ocean. But maybe we can bring the ocean to you."


Katrina: "You weak, like human. Humans kill us. I will not be human."


Ben: "We won't let anyone hurt you."

Ryn: "My fight, not yours. This is our way. Ben and Maddie must not fight for me."


Maddie: "What does it feel like? When you sing?"

Ryn: "Makes me feel good. I need it."

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