"Mixed Signals" is the twenty-first episode of Siren and its second season's eleventh episode.

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Maddie and Ben contend with how to help Ryn, as they know that in order to help Elaine get better fully, they will need to continue the procedures on Ryn.

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  • The title is also Episode 28 from Generator Rex.
  • We witness Maddie becoming enchanted by the Siren Song, though it affects her differently and is less strong than for Ben.
  • Maddie admits that she and Ryn are lesbians, though under the lingering influence of the siren song.
  • Susan returns since "Entrapment."
  • This confirms that a female human can fall under the soothing influence of the siren song, but is affected differently than men are.

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Ben: "We did this to her. The stem cell extraction- it caused Ryn to some kind of reaction."

Maddie: "Her cortisol spiked. Maybe some kind of defensive response."

Xander: "You back someone into a corner, they're gonna react."

Nicole: "You should have told me sooner!"

Maddie: "We thought we had it under control."

Nicole: "Clearly you didn't. I have to alert my C.E.O."

Ben: "You should think about that."

Nicole: "What's to think about!!? She's dangerous and on the loose!"


Ben: "Are you sure you're up for entertaining right now, Mom?"

Elaine Pownall: "Every day feels better than the last."

Ben: "I'll see what we can do. But the timing right now-"

Elaine Pownall: "Everything, Ben. If I've learned anything, it's that time is not something I can take for granted anymore. All of us could use a fresh start."

Ben: "That's easier said than done."

Elaine Pownall: "Nonsense. Tomorrow night, 7pm. "


Ben: "Helen."

Helen: "Oh. Hi."

Maddie: "Is everything all right? Your message said you need to talk to us right away."

Helen: "Yes. Thank for coming over so quickly."

Ryn: "Like TV but not."

Helen: 'This is called film. Those are my parents. These are the only images I have of them together. That bun in the oven- that's me. My father died a few weeks before I was born."

Ryn: "How did Helen's father die?"

Helen: "Brain aneurysm. At least that's what i was led to believe."

Ben: "What do you mean?"

Helen: "That's why I asked you to come over. We have a lot to catch up on."

Ben: "We couldn't agree more."


Ryn: "There are more people like Helen? More family?"

Helen: "Much more. But-"

Ben: "Do you think they're dangerous?"

Helen: "I can't be sure. The old man told me what happened to my parents wasn't right. I just I knew what wasn't right about it. "

Maddie: "What do you think they want?"

Helen: "As far as I can tell, to know that they're secret is safe. To protect themselves from the outside world."

Maddie: "Secrecy hasn't been a problem for us."

Helen: "Well, assuming you can trust your military friends."

Ben: "If it wasn't for their help, Ryn might not be sitting here right now."

Ryn: "I am better now."

Helen: "Mm. And just in time for tonight's dinner."

Ben: "She invited you, too? Thanks for the tea.'

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