The Merpeople Graveyard is the hallowed resting place for the mermaids and mermen who had perished in human form. It was founded due to the demise of the half-mermaid and half-human daughter of Charles Pownall and his mermaid lover.

Those Buried

  • Charles Pownall's Daughter
  • Several Mermaids or Mermen
  • Donna


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


  • It is at this sacred grave site that Ryn and Katrina make a truce to save their homeland with the help of certain kind-hearted humans.
  • Months after Donna was laid to rest, the entire gravestones were violated and the remains of the mermaid/mermen hybrids were stolen.
  • Xander smuggled the bones of Donna's out of the research facility. The remains would later be taken to the water so Donna would rest in an secret place that she always took her daughter to.

About the Merpeople Graveyard

Season One

  • "I know a place."
  • "This is my family's resting ground."
  • "I know this is..."
  • "Sacred, yes."
  • "The baby is buried here?"
  • "You will be buried here?"
  • "Yes. Along with these other lost souls between two worlds. This is exactly where Donna belongs."
  • "Sister's new home. Ryn's too."

Season Two

  • "My sister is here, buried under dirt."
  • "I take Sister's baby to Sister's grave."
  • "A graveyard?"
  • "It was. Looks somebody beat us to it."
  • "What were you thinking taking a reporter to the graveyard!!?"
  • "I thought if I showed him the graves, it would be enough!!"
  • "My family has a burial plot off the cost in Bristol Cove. I believe the military raided that graveyard."
  • "Did you tell Ryn about her sister's grave?"
  • "They did it- the graveyard."
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