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Meredith is another human/mermaid hybrid who debuts in the second season. She is honored to actually meet two full-blooded merfolk, Levi and Ryn.

She is ultimately revealed to be the daughter of Bryan and Leena, who had schemed to get their child pregnant, so they could have a full-fledged merperson of their very own by implanting the first of Ryn's embryo. However, this proves to be harmful to Meredith's health.

Leena sneaks back to the Ranch to get medicine only to have a run in with Ryn, Cami and Maddie. After hearing how there haven't been any merbabies in a while, Leena feels guilty for co-conspiring with her family and confesses that she and her family kidnapped Ryn's unborn child and revealed their gender to be female. Her father was killed by a vengeful Cami in Survivor for kidnapping her cousin. She later died after giving birth to Ryn's daughter.


While growing up, she eventually came to discover that she was no ordinary human, her parents are each descended from merpeople.


Season 2

Season 3


  • It is revealed that she has been secretly injected with the first of Ryn's embryos for her unborn child so that her own parents, Leena and Bryan, could have a full-blooded merperson of their own.
  • Because of her body resembling a human, she proved to be rather incompatible for the growing baby, although Ryn managed to take her pain away.
    • Although the childbearing put too much of an strain on her heart which later gave out after delivery.


Season Two

  • "Oh, my god."
  • "And Ryn?"FISHER
  • "I'll pray for us both."
  • "For me to carry one that's not my own?"

Season Three

  • She's with her mother (last lines)