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Mate is an merman that Ryn brings to land to replace Levi, in order to conceive a child and to preserve the population of her kind. He is portrayed by Aryeh-Or.


Physical Appearance

He is depicted as having pale olive skin, aqua blue eyes and curly black beard.

In mermaid form, he has a gray fishtail and knife-sharp fangs. As a merman, he is quite muscular and powerfully built.



Ryn chose to mate with him at the beginning of their mating season, sadly they could not conceive underwater, so they decided to mate on land to no avail. He and Levi arrive at Helen's apartment wanting to take Hope back to the water, later he witnesses Ryn triumph over Tia in the Siren War.





Mate became a close ally to Levi just like Sarge was, this is first seen in "Mommy and Me". Later on, Levi and Mate witness Hope slay her first predator, they both decide to take her back to Ryn to reconnect.


Hope is Mate's daughter, he and Levi took her from her mother Ryn to teach in the water as it is in their culture. She becomes a great warrior under his and Levi's guidance.


Season 2

Season 3


  • His is the third merman to appear in the show, after Levi and Sarge.
    • However unlike them he wasn't given a name right off the bat.
  • He is the second merman to have made love with and have had a child with a mermaid; the first was an unknown merman who is/was mate to the late Donna, and father to Cami.
  • He particularly sparks the jealousy and rage within Ben, having "stolen" Ryn to conceive his child.
  • Like Ryn, he was unaware that his unborn child was stolen to be implanted in a mermaid/human hybrid for her parents to have a full-blooded merperson grandchild of their own.


The waters do not belong to us anymore. We see many dead.
— Mate to Ryn