Deputy Marissa Staub is a supporting character on Freeform's series, Siren. She is portrayed by Tammy Gillis.

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She is quite slim, tall, with tan skin, gray eyes and shoulder-length blonde hair.

She mainly wears her deputy uniform.

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  • Next to Dale Bishop, she is the main law enforcement of Bristol Cove and second-in-command.
  • She is highly suspicious of Ben's activities, though is not yet aware about the existence of the mermaids that certain people of Bristol Cove had claimed to have encountered in the late 1800s.
  • It is she who informs Dale Bishop of the corpse of the late Captain Sean McClure surfaced after several months of being "lost at sea via a fishing net".
  • In a flashfoward of Ben's knowledge to saving Ian, she helped the local authorities in keeping people back as Bristol Cove was under martial law by the military

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