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Madeline "Maddie" Bishop is the tritagonist of Siren. She is portrayed by Fola Evans-Akingbola.

Maddie is a marine biologist who works at Bristol Cove Marine Research Center, alongside her ex-boyfriend Ben Pownall. She is the girlfriend of Robb Wellens.

Official Description

A marine biologist who works with Ben, and is highly fond of Ryn.

Early Life

A couple of years ago, Maddie saw a video of a baby dolphin that had washed ashore. Instead of helping the dolphin, the people on the beach passed it around taking their picture with it, not seeming to care that the dolphin was dying. Even after the dolphin died, they were so immersed in taking selfies that it didn't occur to them that they could've saved that dolphin's life. The video really made Maddie contemplate, and she wanted to do something about it, so she went to the Bristol Cove Marine Research Center to volunteer, and soon enough it became her job.

Her stepfather is the Sheriff of the town. It is revealed that Maddie’s mother, Susan, had left the family and has not been heard from in almost a year. Maddie shows disdain at the mention of her mother’s name.

Physical Appearance

Maddie is a tall, fit young woman donning black curly hair, which is often worn up with braids and compliments her brown skin and dark eyes. Maddie once referred to those braids as “decorations” when Ryn was curious about them. She also has a feather tattoo showing on her chest-region.


Maddie tends to see the good in everyone, which several characters have already said. Maddie is also smart, a good strategist, a caring individual, and even somewhat spiritual.

However, she can “lose her cool” and acts out in controlled anger whenever situations go south in her town, especially when it concerns her boyfriend.

Throughout the Series

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  • Maddie is the first woman to hear the Siren Song, though she was wearing headphones which prevented her from actually hearing its seductive effects. She becomes mesmerized by it when Ryn sings her song to her again.
  • In the Season 2 finale, it was implied that she was killed by shots fired from military soldiers, who were trying to abduct Ryn, but was only in a premonition seen by Ben.
  • Even though she is now in a relationship with Robb, it does not change how Ryn is special to her.


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