Levi is a recurring character on Freeform's series, Siren. He is portrayed by Sedale Threatt Jr..

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A warrior merman with an imposing presence.[1]

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Has dark brown skin and deep blue eyes. He is quite muscular and agile. In his merman form, he has scaly silver skin with a muscular torso and a long spiky fish tail. He also has small sharp teeth.

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Levi is naturally aggressive and violent in the water, as a merman. He exhibits this personality in human form as well, especially when he is set out to murder Ryn for staying on land too long. Levi reveals a murderous personality being he killed Sean McClure and tried to kill Ryn and her allies. Overall, Levi is murderous and also holds a strict view on his mermaid colony’s rules (specifically regarding Ryn’s involvement with humans). But he later changes when Ryn becomes the new Alpha mermaid. There, he becomes submissive to her.

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Season 1 Edit

Levi and Donna attacked Ben and the other fisherman aboard the ship. He first attacked them with a narwhal horn which was wielded as a spear. He then came aboard the ship and started attacking everyone. He got hurt a couple times, but survived. He was moved into the hold, but transformed into human form and escaped. He stabbed Sean McClure and escaped into the sea.

He returns to the surface along with Donna and mermaid Katrina in order to massacre the humans and to get Ryn to return home to the sea. He puts on male clothing and arrivals in Helen's shop, where he is intrigued by all merfolk-related artifacts that Helen had collected over the years. When Donna asks Helen where Ryn is, Katrina orders him to choke Helen in order to get her to answer. He releases her when she reveals that she doesn't know where Ryn is and leaves with Katrina and Donna. The three then find Ryn with Ben in the Marine Mammal Research Center, but Levi and Katrina reveal their real plan to have Ryn killed for spending too much time on land and with humans. Ben throws salt water at them and, with Ryn and Donna, flees, leaving Levi and Katrina writhing in pain as the salt water causes them to transform.

Moments later, he and Katrina walk in a park when he picks up a red ball and gives it silently back to a young girl who asks him to give it to her. At night, he and Katrina were wandering the streets when Sheriff Dale Bishop, who decided to look for them, found them. When he sounds the alarm, Levi and Katrina attack him, only to be scared off by gunshots. Sheriff Bishop went on to immobilize and capture Levi, but after struggling to break free and causing Bishop to crash, Levi escaped. He then retreated with Katrina to Helen's shop where they acquire antique spears for their battle.

Levi manages to wound Sheriff Bishop in the leg with a spear and flees when Maddie tries to shoot him. He then confronts Ben and nearly kills him, when Ryn (who defeated Katrina in another struggle) orders him to stop. He then kneels down in front of her and acknowledges her as the new alpha. But Xander, who wanted to get revenge on his father's death, tried to kill Levi and ended up shooting Donna when Ben tried to intervene. Levi then carries Donna to Helen's house and later leaves with Katrina when Ryn orders them to never return again.

Season Two Edit

Many months later, Levi is forced to make a comeback, being attacked by the strong hypersonic waves from the oil rig. Ben helps him to breathe better via extracting the excessive fluid out with a syringe.

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Ryn Fisher Edit

Ryn is Levi's currently Alpha leader and is royal to her and her friends and family. When Katrina tried to take over Ryn's Postion as Alpha he choose Ryn's side in the power struggle between the 2. When he refused to Join her Katrina and her allies injured him nearly killing him; However thanks to his close friend Ben Pownall he was packed up.

Katrina Edit

Levi's former Alpha leader and was royal to her. It was this Loyalty that when she ordered him to Kill the Human Fisherman on the North Star he did without question. He was only Partly complete his Mission by killing the Human: Sean McClure. This made him formerly enemies with Sean McClure's son: Xander McClure and his friends.

Ben Pownall Edit

Levi has ever sense he came onto land and began to learn the ways of humans has become close to Ben. Levi thinks of Ben as a close friend and maybe 'Unofficial' a member of his Merfolk colony/family.

Xander McClure Edit

Levi as Compilated Relationship with Xander. At 1st they where enemies do to him Killing his father under orders from Katrina. After a Brief fight Between him and Xander ending with Xander being unable to bring himself to kill him they become Fren-enemies at least to the point where they could tolerate each without killing each.

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  • He is the very first merman to appear, and the second brown-skinned merfolk; the first being Donna.
  • He is quite skilled with spears.
  • He is the first that Maddie, Ben and Ryn help elude the sonic waves.
  • He has great respect for Helen, aware of her one-eighth mermaid lineage.
  • It is revealed that he had brutally murdered Sean, only because he was ordered to.
  • He becomes quite interested in the extraordinary showings of television.

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