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Katie Keough is a Canadian actress and model. She portrays Hunter on Freeform's TV series, Siren.


Keough is a Canadian Actress and Model. She began her career in the entertainment industry as a model, having starred in several commercials and campaigns. She has worked for brands including Armani, Estée Lauder, La Mer and Pascal Millet while being represented by agencies in Milan, London, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

She holds University degrees in Communications and Counselling Psychology, which have fuelled her passion for mental health advocacy and filmmaking. She is currently working on a documentary feature illuminating the opioid crisis through the lens of colonization. [1]


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  • She has been quoted explaining the cultural significance of portraying a mermaid as a dream come true to honour her heritage as a Melanesian. With her family hailing from Fiji, growing up she was significantly impacted by their sacred connection to the ocean and the folklore of mermaid tales.
  • Keough is managed by Luber Roklin Entertainment along the likes of Riverdale stars KJ Apa and Cami Mendes. As well as, fellow Siren Stars Alex Roe and Fola Evans-Akingbola


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