Jonathon "John" Rooney was an elderly hybrid who is part of the secret merfolk tribe that Beth Marzdan is secretly a part of her, as was Helen's late mother Daphne, whom he knew very well.

He dies under mysterious causes, claiming to have happened in his sleep.



Season 2

Season 3


  • He seems to know what had truly transpired with Helen's parents, of which Beth Marzdan tries to conceal.
  • He is revealed to be Daphne's original betrothed before she left him for Helen's father.


  • "You sound just like her. Daphne. Your voices are exactly the same."
  • "What happened to your folks wasn't right."
  • "Your father was human. Your mother, one of us."
  • "I didn't know your father, not personally. But Daphne and I, we have a very close kinship. We were set to marry, to keep the bloodline going. But she was in love with someone else."
  • "It was forbidden, a betrayal. It got so bad, your folks had to go into hiding."
  • "They would do anything to protect the secret. Anything."

About John Rooney

  • "You knew my mother?"
  • "John gets a little confused."
  • "Where's John? I was hoping to say goodbye to him."
  • "The old man said what happened to my parents wasn't right."
  • "John. Please."
  • "Was he showing signs of delusion or dementia?"
  • "I'm told he was peaceful."
  • "John Rooney, from the picnic, he's dead."
  • "And yet John is dead."
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