Janine is a supporting character on Freeform's series, Siren. She is portrayed by Hannah Levien. She is the girlfriend and lover of Calvin Lee.

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Not much is known about Janine’s early life, but it has been mentioned that she grew up with some of the main characters in Bristol Cove. Some time before meeting and dating Calvin, Janine secretly slept with Xander McClure and she kept their one time together a secret, but their secret got out to Calvin awhile later after she started dating Calvin.

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Janine is a tall, light skinned woman. She has flowing, wavy blond hair, bluish-colored eyes, and a heart-shaped face.

Personality Edit

Although briefly seen throughout the first season, Janine has an outgoing and a friendly personality. She shares strong bonds with those she grows close with, whether it be her friendships or romances. Janine shares a strong emotional and physical bond with her current boyfriend, which could mean she is not afraid to grow close with someone. However, Janine does tend to keep secrets from those she loves; this is evident when she kept her former romantic relationship with another man from her current boyfriend.

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  • Her last name and family are unknown.
  • She offered Xander and Calvin to make do by being fellow bartenders at the Anchor.
  • She now helps her boyfriend Calvin on pontoon tours for "Mermaid Capitol of the World"

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