Interview With a Mermaid is the third episode of the first season of Siren. It aired on April 5, 2018.


Dale and the local police’s investigation starts pointing directly to Ryn, meanwhile Xander and Calvin’s search for Chris heats up when they locate the nurse who works at the military bunker.[2]

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Ben finds himself unable to get much sleep as he is distracted by Ryn and the recent events surrounding her. Maddie wakes to find him staring out the window and reflecting on all that has happened. Meanwhile, Sheriff Bishop further investigates the recently discovered crime scene - which no-one yet knows is the outcome of Ryn's vicious self-defense against Donnie's unwanted sexual advances. Aware of the police investigation, Maddie and Ben speculate whether Ryn was involved or not, fearing the worst as they both know how predatory Ryn can be from when she attempted to attack Ben underwater.

Helen tries to find out where Ryn disappeared to the previous night, but is unable to get any answer due to Ryn's still basic communicative skills and her distracted mind.

At the military laboratory, Aldon Decker experiments to see the effect of mixing human blood with Donna's siren blood using rats as test subjects.

Xander receives an SOS text from Chris on an unknown number and urgently interrupts Calvin and Janine in the bedroom so that Calvin can help him find out whose number it is and where Chris may be. They phone back the number but it immediately goes through to voicemail, revealing it to be the phone number of a 'Donna Stevenson'.

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  • Donna seduces Aldon Decker by utilizing her soothingly hypnotic Siren song through the glass of her tank prison.
  • It has been revealed by Ryn that Merfolk can be able to transform only when they are in ocean water (salt water).

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Ben: Can you tell me how many of your species there are? How many like you. Is it just you and your sister or..?
Ryn: No. Many.
Ben: And the others, the ones like you, like your sister, do they want to come here, on land?
Ryn: Land bad. I learn this.

Ryn: (to Maddie) You are afraid...of me.

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  • I Feel The Love by Sly & the Family Stallone
  • Closer by Powers
  • Shakedown by The Score
  • Higher by Mondo Cozmo
  • Sweat Shock by J. Roddy Walston & The Business

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