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Ian Sutton was a recurring character in the second season of Siren as a reporter and activist for the ecosystem. It is he who ultimately exposes merpeople to all of Bristol Cove by abducting Ryn in Ben's fantasy. He drowns after his car runs off a cliff and gets waterlogged after Ryn attacks him.

Physical Appearance

He was quite tall, has light brown skin, black eyes and wavy short black hair.


Like Ben, he is an environmentalist who cares about the living creatures that will perish if the natural oil is dug up from the ocean's depths. However, when it came to him discovering Ryn in her mermaid form he was dead set on exposing the secret.

Throughout The Series

Ian makes his debut in "The Wolf at the Door", arriving in Bristol Cove to do a news report on the beached whales. He meets Calvin at the Anchor who shows him footage from the North Star telling him that it is a mermaid that he caught. Ian dismisses this and leaves. "Natural Order" is when he meets Ben at the Marine Research Center inquiring about the beached whales, Ben tells him that Klesco Oil's use of a sonic cannon is what is driving them out of the water.

Unfortunately in "Distress Call", Ian informs Ben that KFGT News refused to air the story because not only are the producers of the network cold and heartless, but because Klesco Oil sponsors the network. Ian attends the black tie event hosted by Klesco Oil and witnesses the drillship's well collapse on the live feed, he suspects something.

In "Serenity" information was given to him by a former Klesco employee who worked with them for five long years until discovering their sinister intentions, he acquires the same recorded footage from the drillship's string and glimpses at what he believes is a mermaid.

"The Outpost" is when he analyzes the footage further, unable to make out the subject. He follows Ben, Ryn, and Maddie discovering the location of the military's naval research facility. He later inquires with numerous fisherman and dock workers acquiring knowledge of the fishing line the North Star used, as well as its close proximity towards the drillship site. He later stops by The Anchor to question Xander and Calvin knowing that they were involved with the sabotage. Xander and Calvin take Ian to the hallowed graveyard only to find that it has been violated and ransacked.

In "Sacrifice" Ian bumps into Ryn while he was on his way to the Marine Research Center, he helps her with her phone only to have a way of tracking her whereabouts. He tracks her to the Naval Research Facility then all the way to Caspian Ranch where she records video of her mermaid form during the Hybrid ritual. He kidnaps her while unconscious and calls his producer to inform him of the "real evidence".

In the Season 2 finale "New World Order", Ben and Maddie are chasing after Ian in their car, Ryn wakes and up and attacks Ian forcing him to swerve his car off the road, landing in the ocean. While Ryn escapes, Ben dives in to save Ian. Two days later, Ian reveals the existence of Merfolk to the world on the news describing them as "highly evolved apex predators." However, this was all a premonition that Ben had. In reality, he decided to leave Ian Sutton to drown in his car.



  • He is the one who discovers a crucial cover up that the military has been doing since the attack on the Klesco oil rig ship in "Leverage."
  • Previously he has fought against many acts of environmental damage, but has always been turned down attention. He expresses empathy for Ben.
  • He glimpses Ryn, in true mermaid form, from blurred footage of the rig catastrophe in "The Outpost" and comes to somewhat recognize her in human form. He eventually regards Ryn as a "government experiment.