Ian Sutton was a recurring character in the second season of Siren as a reporter and activist for the ecosystem. It is he who ultimately exposes merpeople to all of Bristol Cove by abducting Ryn in Ben's fantasy. He drowns after his car runs off a cliff and gets waterlogged after Ryn attacks him.

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He is quite tall, has light brown skin, black eyes and wavy short black hair.

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Like Ben, he is an environmentalist who cares about the living creatures that will perish if the natural oil is dug up from the ocean's depths.

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  • He is the one who discovers a crucial coverup that the military has been doing since the attack on the oil rig ship in "Leverage." In "Serenity" the information was given to him by a bearded man who worked at Klesco for five long years until discovering their sinister intentions.
  • He glimpses Ryn, in true mermaid form, from blurred footage of the rig catastrophe in "The Outpost" and comes to somewhat recognize her in human form.
  • He eventually regards Ryn as a "government experiment."
  • He manages to follow Ryn, Ben and Maddie to the place where Ryn painfully attempts a partial transformation in her lower body; witnessing "real evidence" that merpeople have existed all along. He then abducts her sleeping form and exposes her to all of Bristol Cove in live television, describing her kind as "highly evolved apex predators"
    • This is later proven to be false as Ian exposing the mermaids was only a part of Ben's imagination, a premonition of the consequences that would occur if he had saved Ian.

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