Hybrids are those who were born half mermaid and half human, but can be those with more distant merflok heritage can be included as well; such as one or three-quarters or even one-eighth, as Helen had believed herself to be for most of her life.

Known as "the Hybrid Status" this group has lived in total seclusion and isolation for many centuries. They worst fear is that their mixed bloodline to supposedly mythical sea creatures will be discovered and will stoop to any extremes to keep the secret., even if it means murdering those they think will exploit them to further benefit humankind to negative ends.

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  • In The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea, twelve-year-old Princess Melody was born a mermaid/human hybrid, having inherited her pinkish mermaid tail and abilities from her mermaid mother Princess Ariel of Atlantica.
  • In the Barbie films A Mermaid Tale and A Mermaid Tale 2, sixteen-year-old Merliah Summers learns of her mermaid bloodline and meets her mother, Queen Clarissa of Oceana.
  • Leena and Ryan are revealed to be married, that Meredith is their daughter, and that they have been scheming to have a full-blooded merperson child of they very own

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  • "Members of the group rarely leave."
  • "There are others like Helen? More family?"
  • "Do you think they're dangerous?"
  • "As far as I'm concerned, do anything to make sure their secret is safe."
  • "Did your people kill my father?"
  • "As far as I'm concerned, to make sure their secret is safe, cut themselves off from the outside world."
  • "These people, these relatives of ours, may be very dangerous."
  • "They did abduct us."
  • "Did you know there are more of us?"
  • "Others like you? Where are they?"
  • "Not far. Would you like to meet them?"
  • "Can you even wonder what would happen if we found out? We would be victimized if not rounded up!!"
  • "No one can know!!"
  • "We are so glad you came. Our survival depends on it."
  • "Our family is blessed by two full-bloods."
  • "You think these people are bad?"
  • "I don't know what they want from you."
  • "We'll get them back."
  • "These people, the ones like me, I think they may be dangerous."
  • "I think I was wrong to blame your people for the fire."
  • "Our doctor will start as soon as we receive the embryo."
  • "This supposed to be a safe place for us."
  • "She's choosing the family that killed our people!!"
  • "I've sacrificed everything for us, to protect us."
  • "She's kept you safe all these years. She deserves you trust."
  • "Who's with me!?"
  • "They've been putting us through tests."
  • "To see how fast we can heal."

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