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Sistren of tide and time, we gather in the spirit of the Great Deep. We ask our mother's blessings on this bounty of sea and land.
— The Hybrid's chant

Hybrids are a crossbreed of two distinct species, merfolk and humans. They live in isolation, in fear of their mixed bloodline being discovered by humans.


Creation of Hybrids

In the 1860s, Charles Pownall fell in love with a mermaid and mated with her and after some time during this relationship, the mermaid became pregnant. It's known that after giving birth this woman returned to the ocean believing her newborn daughter had been killed by her lover for the deformities, not knowing he had taken the child to Haida shamans for healing purposes. Driven mad by her siren song and her absence, he led a massacre of Merfolk. This action left the surviving Merfolk and their descendants, including hybrids to hate humanity to some extent, especially the human descendants of Charles.


  • Hybrids tend to suffer from birth defects and medical issues given that there is a limited gene pool.
  • Because of their Merfolk blood, hybrids appear to have copper in their blood as displayed during Bryan's cremation.
  • Since they are descended from Merfolk, hybrids are immune to the Siren Song.
  • Due to being part Merfolk, the hybrids were also immune to Tia's sonic wave attack.


An arranged marriage keeps the hybrid's bloodline in place. Helen's mother Daphne was arranged with another Hybrid but wanted to be with Helen's human father George Hawkins, It is forbidden for a Hybrid to fall in love with a human, they would even resort to killing the human lover to keep their existence a secret. The consequences for the Hybrid male/female lover would result in betrayal.

The Hybrids participate in a female-only ritual to help them conceive a child. To have the best chance in having a Merfolk/Human Hybrid offspring, the female submerges half of her body in a bathtub of salt water, their epidermis sheds into a new one.

Known Hybrids


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