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Hunter is a recurring character on Freeform's series, Siren. She is portrayed by Katie Keough

Hunter is a fierce mermaid and natural-born hunter who came with Eliza to land. She is new to land and just learning about interacting with humans.

Physical Appearance

Hunter is slim with olive skin and Aquamarine eyes.


Hunter was loyal to Ryn and her tribe, but at times can prove to be egotistical. She is also reluctant, especially when her life is at stake.

She proves her loyalty to Tia's by kidnapping Hope and bringing her to Tia, but is ultimately rewarded with abandonment and dishonor.

Throughout the Series

Season 2

As it was mating season, she instinctively tried to seduce a drunkard in the men's bathroom until Xander brought her out. After Ryn shows her and Eliza the human way of mating, she and Eliza return home per Ryn's command.

Season 3

In "Revelations", she arrives with the colony to help Ryn, forcing Tia to retreat. In the following episode, she and Cami train Ryn to learn combat skills for both land and sea to be able to fight Tia.

In the episode "Life and Death", she surveys her colony's territory, following Tia where she goes eventually discovering her mer-people army she has united.

In "Mommy and Me", she is spotted by one of the merman warriors and swims away. She returns to inform Eliza, Viv, Cami, and Katrina to be prepared. In a plane wreckage, Tia's tribe surrounds them and she witnesses Katrina switch sides.

The following episode "The Island", Hunter takes refuge with Eliza and a few other mermaids on an island off the coast of Bristol Cove. When Tia arrives, she and Ryn duel Katrina in melee combat, she is injured but remains alive however, mistaken for dead. Hunter chooses to be loyal to Tia, but Tia herself sees through her lies and demands to know more about Ryn. To save herself from death, she divulges the existence of Ryn's daughter.

In "Til Death Do Us Part", she is with Tia at a bar in Dunay, Russia. Tia tells her to consume her shots of alcohol, as a way of symbolizing strength.

"A Voice in the Dark" is when she reunites with Ryn and meets her daughter Hope. She later accompanies them to Caspian Ranch where she kidnaps Hope to take back to Tia's tribe.

She brings Hope to Tia in "The Toll of the Sea", when the U.S military discovers Tia's location she is gone. But Hunter was left behind chained to the floor, Ryn expresses her distrust to her. She is last seen being taken away by the soldiers.


Season 2

Season 3


  • A quick learner, Hunter picks up on human interactions and speaks her first words in her debut episode (as opposed to most of the mermaids).
  • She betrays Ryn's tribe by kidnapping her daughter Hope to take back to Tia.
    • Ryn no longer trusts Hunter, she has been apprehended and taken away by the U.S military soldiers.


Tia wants what she wants.
— Hunter to Helen