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Hope is a minor character on Freeform's series, Siren. She was portrayed by babies Abigail Hoft and Ada-Marie Loeppky and Alix West Lefler as a child.

Hope is the daughter of Ryn Fisher and Mate. She is the niece of the late Donna and the cousin of Cami.

Physical Appearance


To the unsuspecting human, who isn't in the know about the mermaid secret. She looks like a regular baby only with the exception of her skin decaying which is an sign that she needs fresh Salt Water to rejuvenate herself.

Hope is now aged as a young girl with blonde hair and blue eyes.


In her mermaid form, has the upper-body of a human and the lower half of a spiky, long fishtail.


Hope has a special connection with her mother Ryn, just before her birth. Hope also has a special connection to Ben, because she remembers him, since she was a baby. She also has a bond with her cousin Cami and Helen. She said her first word "Mama" to Ryn, before she left with Ben to kill the lights in Bristol Cove from Tia's attack. Hope becomes aggressive towards Tia, after she was kidnapped by Hunter. Along with her mother, she will be waiting for Ben.

Throughout the Series

Season 2

In "New World Order", the baby was implanted into Meredith by her parents Bryan and Leena.

Season 3

During her time inside Meredith's womb, she was growing rapidly. Unlike a human baby, mermaid babies do not undergo the full 9-month growth inside the womb. Hence, she needed to be cared for under very difficult circumstances. When Meredith's water broke, Leena, Ben, Ryn, and Maddie all take her to Caspian Ranch to deliver the baby. Sadly, Meredith passed away soon after giving birth, her corpse would then be taken to the water to be buried. At the end of "Life and Death", Ryn takes her newborn daughter to the water, to help with her breathing and scaling, they swim away together returning to their colony.

In "Mommy and Me", Ryn brings her back to land, wanting to teach her to know both worlds. Ryn and Maddie take her to Bristol Cove's library where they attend a session for mothers. Levi and Mate arrive at in Helen's apartment wanting to take Hope back with them to the ocean so that she will learn to hunt and survive, Ryn willingly lets them take her back knowing that it is in their culture. Ryn bids Hope farewell before handing her to Levi who carries her as he and Mate enter the water.

In "A Voice in the Dark", Hope is still learning under Levi and Mate's tutelage. She slays a moray eel with her spear marking her first kill in the water, Levi and Mate decide that she is ready and they surface to take reunite her with Ryn. At Helen's shop, she fumbles with the objects around her, at Caspian Ranch Ryn teaches her to sing the Siren Song in tune. Hunter kidnapps her from Caspian Ranch to bring her back to Tia's tribe.

She meets Tia in "The Toll of the Sea" and tries to escape, but is stopped. Tia takes her back to the water and imprisons her in the underwater plane wreckage. After Ryn leads Tia's army away, Ben breaks open her cell and frees her. Hope gives Ben a hug and he goes to distract Tia's mermaid warriors, while she swims to the boat. She later meets up with her mother Ryn at the boat and is asked about Ben's whereabouts and she answers to her mother that she didn't see him. Later, she was seen with her mother and Helen eating dinner at the Anchor before meeting up with Maddie, prior to departure then she hugs Maddie goodbye near the end of the episode.

Powers and abilities

  • As a mermaid at a young age who has not yet learned to sing the Siren Song melodiously, the frequency of her high pitched scream can shatter glass.


  • Hope is the first merbaby to be implanted into a Hybrid surrogate and a surrogate overall.
  • Hope is the first merbaby to appear in the series.
  • Given the fact that merbabies grow a lot faster than a human child, Hope had grown much older since she departed with Levi and Mate in "Mommy and Me".
  • In Ben's vision, she shows him her 1st place ribbon that she won for swimming a 100 meter backstroke.


— Hope's first word
Tia was bad?
— Hope asking her mother Ryn