Entrapment is the seventh episode of the second season of Siren and seventeenth episode of the series overall. It aired on March 7, 2019.


Tensions are rising following a shocking discovery. And living in a tank rather than the ocean is starting to have an adverse effect on many of the mermaids. Hoping to save her kind, and help her human circle, Ryn makes a deal with a complicated ally.


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Marissa: "What a hell of a day to come back."
Dale: "Why is that?"
Marissa: "Sean McClure's body surfaced."
―Marissa to Dale

No talk. Time to fight.
— Katrina

Helen: "What does she sense?"
Ryn: "Something in her body. She say this happened after Viv changed back from tank."
Helen: "Is something wrong with the tank? We only just refilled it ."
Ryn: "Tank water is not living water. No longer part of the ocean. Not good enough for us."
―Helen and Ryn discuss Viv's illness

(Reading the inscription on the sea cavern)
We live in peace and harmony
Tribes of the land
And tribes of the sea
Helen: "We used to be..."
Sarge: "Together."
―Helen and Sarge

Nicole: "I know who you are. What you are. Don't worry. I'm gonna hurt you. I never expected you to be so...human."
Ryn: "Ryn is not human. Ryn is Ryn."
Nicole: "I meant you're special, unique. I'd like to know more about you, study you. So do my friends"
Ryn: "Study Ryn? Like Ben and Maddie?"
Nicole: "Yes, but they can't protect you like I can. My friends are...powerful."
Ryn: "What is powerful?"
Nicole: "They are people who can protect the country and your pack."
Ryn: "Soldiers hurt my sister!: "Nicole"
That was a big mistake.: "Ryn"
You go. Now!: "{{{20}}}"
―Nicole makes Ryn an offer
Make tacos with them for all I care.
— Xander to Ben


  • It is revealed that the arm that was seen in the fishing net is, in fact, the decayed body of the late Sean McClure, one month after his death in "Dead in the Water." This is what the "shocking discovery" refers to.
  • Dale gets reinstated as the sheriff after undergoing his psychiatric evaluation.
  • Chris Mueller returns since "Being Human" since he chose to leave Bristol Cove. It is revealed, like Ben, he has been struggling with the Siren Song ever since Donna had used it on him in "Dead in the Water."
  • The mountain's sea cave is revealed to have belonged to an ancient tribe who had welcomed a colony of merpeople, indicating that humans and merpeople been together as allies.
  • It is revealed that the military has been seeking to experiment on Ryn in particular as Nicole has informed them that, out of most of the merpeople, she is highly evolved, rational even.
  • Nicole contacts another military operative rather than Admiral Harrison about Ryn. This episode marks the first appearance of Commander David Kyle.
  • Patti McClure, who debuted in "Being Human" is mentioned a few times here and appears again after "Dead in the Water."
  • Sean Mcclure's middle name is revealed to have been Ronald.
  • Thanks to Nicole, the U.S military orders the case on Sean McClure's death to be closed, freeing Ben, Xander, Calvin and Chris from the FBI's custody.
  • Katrina takes her colony and Helen deep into the forests outside of Bristol Cove, she has previously discovered a cavern where large paintings were made by the merfolk's ancestors. The drawings depict the following: "We live in harmony, tribes of land and tribes of sea."



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