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Eliza (shortened for Elizabeth) is a recurring character on Freeform's series, Siren. She is portrayed by Georgia Waters.

Eliza is one of the mermaid refugees, having been forced out due to unusually strong hypersonic waves.

Physical Appearance

Eliza is slim and fair skinned with strawberry blonde waist-length hair. She also has blue eyes.


Due to her status as a follower of Ryn, she is truly obedient to her. In fact, she is so loyal that she will not leave her side as displayed by her refusal to return with Katrina back to the water.

She also has a close friendship with Viv, as the two of them were paired up to stay at Helen's house until the Klesco Oil Company ends their project. She feels betrayed when she sees her friend join Katrina in an attempt to return to the ocean.

Eliza also develops a friendship with Rick Marzdan after discovering his merman heritage.

She also seems to be the “healer” in her colony and has an affinity for botany as it acts as medicine in the water.


Season 2

Eliza regroups with Katrina, Levi, and three others, at Helen's home.

There, she acquires clothes and causes a little chaos while exploring the objects in Helen's home. She, along with the others, is then taken to an old log cabin where they take temporary shelter. After some time, she practices her speech by greeting others.

She develops an acquaintance with Rick Marzdan after discovering that the latter is also of merpeople ancestry, like Helen.

When Katrina tries to persuade Eliza to return with her and the others back to the ocean, Eliza refuses and runs off, locking the door. She then hears Katrina's threat that anyone who sided with Ryn will die. She goes on to tell Helen about what has happened. After a brief confrontation and a truce made by Ryn and Katrina, the group reunites and forms plans with the humans on how to reclaim their home. Eliza, along with Ryn and the others, expresses her gratitude towards Ben, Maddie, and Helen for their help and the following night help remove the drill's string. But then the snag wire comes off and tries to slice into Eliza and Viv, but Sarge threw himself in between them and ends up getting his throat slit, killing him. Eliza holds on to Sarge and announces to Ryn that he will die.

Eliza is present at Sarge's burial and pays her respects to him. Following Ben and Maddie's deteriorating effects from the Siren Song, Ryn brings her to see if she can be able to help them. Eliza replies that she cannot, for the song has taken its toll, but she later reveals that there is a place in the ocean where sound can heal those affected, but no human can visit, only healers can. She later informs Ryn that they were able to find others from another colony but no offspring of their own. Ryn promises her that they will have babies when the tides change. Before she leaves, she asks Ryn if it would be actually safe to show humans about their homeland, and Ryn replies that it is for Ben and Maddie.

Season 3

During Ryn's attempt to try to stop the new mermaid, Tia, from enacting her plans to commit genocide on the humans for what they had done, Ryn ends up getting badly injured. She calls out for help and soon, Hunter, Cami, Eliza, and Katrina arrive, forcing Tia to flee. They then carry Ryn back onto land in order to heal Ryn. At Helen's home, Eliza manages to heal Ryn's wounds and tells Ben that he can go see her. When Helen tells her of her encounter with Sarge's spirit, she interprets the hand signs that Sarge showed Helen earlier as a warning, "War is coming." Later on, she helps Helen find the plants needed to make a concoction that allows one to enter the Spirit World. After completing it, Eliza advises Helen to take a very small amount of the concoction.

In "Mommy and Me", Eliza is with Cami, Vivian and Katrina when Tia discovers their presence in a plane wreckage, she witnesses Katrina's betrayal. She survives Tia's takeover and is among the many mermaids who take refuge in "The Island." Fortunately she survives, Ben and Xander take her and the rest of Ryn's colony back to Bristol Cove.

She informs Helen that her and Donna's soul are one in "Northern Exposure". Later in "A Voice in the Dark" she visits Xander in the hospital, she treats him with her healing and is able to stabilize his heart. She and the rest of Ryn's colony retreat to Caspian Ranch to stay with the hybrids as Tia's tribe has taken over their waters. In the climax of "The Toll of the Sea", she fights alongside her colony with Ryn along with Yura's tribe against Tia's. She witnesses Ryn triumph over Tia as her body sinks down into a chasm, she and the rest of the Merfolk tribes bow to her.


Season 2

Season 3


Season Two

  • "Hello"
  • ""
  • "No. Not safe. With Ryn."
  • "There is secret place in the ocean, where sound heals."
  • "We find more- Male, female but no young."
  • "Hands."
  • "No. Too strong in head."
  • "There is place in ocean where sound heals."
  • "We find more- Male, female but no young."
  • "Safe to show humans place?"
  • "She is Hunter."
  • "Need babies."
  • "No. Make babies, but does not happen."
  • "Yes. Wow."

Season Three

She needs you. You must help her or she will never leave you.
— Eliza to Helen about Donna's spirit


  • Eliza is the first blonde mermaid in the series.
  • She is possibly the tallest of the merfolk seen in the series.
  • She is the first mermaid to ever meet Rick Marzdan and discover his mermaid heritage after touching his face. After which, she seems to have developed a deeper connection with him, as Sarge had with Helen.
  • She possess a natural skill and knowledge in healing those who are hurt physically or deeply affected by the Siren Song itself.