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Distress Call is the sixth episode of second season of Siren and the sixteenth episode of the series overall. It aired on February 28, 2019.


Dale copes with the fallout from Maddie and Ryn's encounter with the man from Susan's troubled past, while a fierce Katrina continues to persuade the rest of the pack to get on her side, even if it means brute force against merpeople and humans.[2]


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Xander: "No way. Heh. You don't know how to use that, do you?"

Katrina: This one. He kill your mother."

Xander: "You're her daughter?"

Katrina: "Not kill. Need him to move boat. You kill later."

Ryn: "I am sorry. I make trouble for you."

Maddie: "No. You don't have anything to apologize for. You saved my life."

Ben: "Dad, you lied to me."

Ted Pownall: "Nobody lied to anybody."

Ben: "You're working with them. Why?"

Elaine Pownall: "Because this town needs jobs and this project will help create them. Your father's helping make that happen."

Ted Pownall: "And I'm getting sick and tired of apologizing for it, frankly."

Elaine Pownall: "Ben you're an environmentalist. You should know these projects, these companies have way less impact than they used to."

Ben: "We just had a beach full of dead whales, Mom! That's their impact!! All the rest is just bullshit P.R."

Doug Pownall: "They're moving in whether we like it or not."

Elaine Pownall: "This town needs representation."

Ben (incredulously): "How are you representing the town!? By giving them your land?"

Ted Pownall: "We have the lease that gives us power of the decision-making. We don't stay involved, this town has no say at all."

Ben: "You wanna stay involved? Okay. Tell them no. Make some noise, Dad! Do something!! Screw it."

Elaine Pownall: "Ben, there must be a way to talk in the middle of this."

Ben: "No, Mom. There isn't."

Xander: "We gotta get them off the North Star."

Calvin: "And back into that water."

Xander: "You ready for a fight?"

Calvin: 'Hell no. I'm just messin' with you, Man. I'll do whatever it takes."

Ben: "I know this sounds crazy."

Maddie: "No. Ryn broke the law to save my life. I'll ready to do something."

Ben: "Okay. Let's make some noise."


  • It is revealed that it was Katrina who had ordered Levi to murder Sean McClure, being alpha leader of the colony then.
  • Ryn and Maddie share another kiss since On the Road.
  • Ben finally confronts his parents and elder brother, on the fact that they had purposefully lied to him and that they are letting considerable harm come to all living creatures of the oceans; that their selfish actions have caused the demise of fifty whales.
  • Katrina and Ryn declare a truce.
  • When Ryn and Dale Bishop are driving back from the Siren Song Motel, he explains the importance of laws on land to her, and that the myths that Bristol Cove believes about mermaids represents a peaceful existence that would bring change to the rest of the world.
  • Nicole realizes that Cami is the daughter of Donna, having noticed the resemblance after watching the video clip of Donna being tortured and experimented on in The Lure.