Daphne Hawkins was the mermaid mother of Helen Hawkins, who had died some years ago while her daughter was still a child. Deciding to keep hidden the secret tribes that she and others were in, she left at the age of thirty before Helen was born. It is revealed that she was originally arranged to marry John as a way to keep the merfolk bloodline continuing before she eloped with Helen's father. While she was still pregnant, she tried to seek help for protection for herself and her family and ultimately met and befriended Ted's grandmother but not her husband Caleb

. She helped build a cottage for them near a well that happens to be near the Pownall household that stands currently. She is revealed to have died from old age at the age of ninety.

Her husband was revealed to have been human, which caused major friction between her and the group as consorting and marrying humans was strictly forbidden.

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  • "My mother taught me that."
  • "You sound just like her."
  • "Daphne. Your voices are exactly the same."
  • "I didn't know your father, not personally. But your mother and I, we had a special kinship. We were to marry, to keep the bloodline going. But she was in love with someone else."
  • "Your father was human. Your mother, one of us."
  • "A letter to my grandmother from Helen's mother."
  • "It seems Helen's mother was in some kind of trouble."
  • "Does it say what she was running from?"
  • "This was my mother's."
  • "She was buried in it?"
  • "My mother wrote these?"
  • "That's you she's writing about."
  • "

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  • "
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