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"Curse of the Starving Class" is the fifth episode of Siren. It aired on April 19, 2018.


Ben begins to investigate some suspicious over-fishing, meanwhile Decker ramps up his efforts to find his escaped mermaid and shows the true extent of his influence.[2]


A whole month has passed since Ryn left with her sister Donna, and Ben and Maddie had been living their lives as they had before. Deciding to have dinner together, like "normal couples" they meet at the boathouse, where Jerry gives them sushi; much to Maddie's surprise. Just when they kiss and plan on sex, they discover that Ryn is returning, so they set out to go find and meet with her.

That night, Ryn trudges around naked in the woods and Donna follows her telling her to return to the water. Ryn tells Donna that there are good people, those who can help them. They soon come across an empty outdoor field and Ryn tells Donna to put some clothes on, but Donna refuses. She then notices the necklace Ryn was wearing, which contains the tracker planted inside, rips it off her neck, and throws it away.



Guest Starring


  • Tammy Gillis as Deputy Marissa Staub
  • Anthony Harrison as Admiral Harrison
  • Graeme Duffy as Deputy Clarence
  • David Kaye as Jerry
  • Gigi Saul Guerrero as Petty Officer Nina Lopez
  • Marilyn Norry as Roberta
  • Brad Kelly as Wally
  • Arkie Kandola as Ivan
  • Quianna Denny as Bartender (AK)
  • Duncan McLellan as Over the Hill Sporto
  • Lia Farrelly as Andrea (Waitress)



Ryn: "We need the people."

Donna: "No."

Ryn: "I know people hurt you. But not all people bad. Some are good. Will help us."


Ryn: "My sister...not bad."
Maddie: "It's her instinct. She was confused."
Helen: "Of course she was confused. She sided with you instead of her own sister. And God knows what the military did to her."
Ryn: "Sister was hurt. A man took her blood, her skin."
Maddie: "I'm sorry."
Ryn: "For her, people are bad. No trust."

Maddie: "So the government's letting it happen."

Ben: "They're making it happen. They're starving them out so they can catch more of them."

Ryn: "Family...important."
Maddie: "Yes. Family"
Ryn: "You are love."
Helen: "You want to go back to the water, but not without your sister? I can help ."
Donna: You...?
Helen: Yes. You can trust me because...I am one of you."

Ryn: "Not safe on land, not safe in water. Nowhere is safe."
Maddie: "We're gonna change that."
Ben: "We'll make it safe for you to be wherever you want to be."
Ryn: "How?"


  • Do Your Thing by WOLFF
  • One of You