Charles H. Pownall was a fisherman and captain of Bristol Cove 150 years ago in the late 1800s. He was/is the great-great-great grandfather of Ted, and great-great-great-great grandfather to Doug, and Ben Pownall, as well as the Hawkins and Marzdan families since his hybrid daughter's descendants came to give birth to them all.

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Even though he did not show up physically in the series, it is believed that according to the books, he is depicted as a captain with a beard and fair skinned.

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During his time at the sea, after meeting with and falling in love with a mermaid since being enchanted by her beautiful siren song, they both had an illegitimate daughter who was the first hybrid, who in turn, became a great-great-great grandmother of Helen Hawkins and Rick and Beth Marzdan.

But then the relationship deteriorated after the Siren left for the sea, never to return. After that, he had married a human woman and founded a new line of human/merpeople descendants which led to Ted, Doug, Helen and Ben.

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  • Charles only makes illustrated appearances in books, but it is mentioned several times throughout the show by his great-great-great grandson Ted, Ben and even his great-great-great-great granddaughter Helen Hawkins.

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  • "It was more than a hundred-and-fifty years ago when a local fishing captain, Charles H. Pownall, fell in love with a mermaid, in these very waters; enchanted by her beautiful siren song."
  • "That was my great-great-great grandfather depicted there."
  • "To one of this town's founding fathers- Charles H. Pownall."
  • "Your ancestor lost his mind. Obsessed. He and his fellow ship-mates slaughtered those beautiful creatures in cold blood."
  • "Charles may not have been the guy he turned out to be.Constant stream of booze and...well, he was seeing things."
  • "There was one of us who spent time with a human. She lived with him on land. Together they had little one. But the child was born normal, not look normal. So he took it into the woods. He killed that child."
  • "But this made him angry. His head bad. He brought many men."
  • "She was the daughter of Charles Pownall and his mermaid."
  • "Ryn told me that Charles killed his child."
  • "Charles knew the doctors of Bristol cove would see her as abomination and refuse to threat her. So he took her into the woods."
  • "He brought to bigger minds than the doctors of Bristol Cove."
  • "So if you're a descendant of Charles Pownall, that means..."
  • "Charles had an affair with a woman in town."
  • "Charles was a troubled. From what I understand, he had a lot of demons."

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  • "A hundred and fifty years ago, Charles Pownall led a massacre!!"
  • "We are Pownalls."
  • "All three of us are descended from the baby Charles had with his mermaid."
  • "He's a descendant of Charles, the man who killed our kind!!"
  • "I think it's time for me to tell your friends that there is more than one descendant of Charles Pownall here."
  • "Of you thinking I am the same as Charles."
  • "This man in your family, he loved one like me and his love turned bad., made him angry. He killed my people!!"
  • "The only birth documented on land is the Charles Pownall story."
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