Camden "Cami" is one of the five merfolk who were forced out due to the sound waves placed by the oil rig's company. Debuting in the second season's premiere, she and her fellow mermaids sought out Helen Hawkins, who gives her clothes. Later, it's revealed that she is the daughter of Donna and the niece of Ryn.

Personality Edit

Like most mermaids, Cami is naturally aggressive in her mermaid-form. However, on land, Cami is adapting to being a human, but is struggling to fit in while she learns how to cope without her mother. Ryn has guided her on land for the most part, but other influences have made Cami grow to hate humans. This is reminiscent of Donna, her mother. However, Cami learned to work with several humans and her colony to ensure her family’s and her survival.

Cami has a talent and hobby for carving art into wood with a knife and/or a sharp device. She particularly likes to carve on wooden tables.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Like her late mother, Cami has a brown skin tone, dark blue eyes, and thick curly black hair that flows down her shoulders. In her mermaid form, she is covered in grey scales and has a silver fishtail, like other mermaids.


Season 2 Edit

Season 3 Edit


  • She is the first mermaid who is a child to any of the well-known merpeople.
  • In "Oil and Water" her aunt takes her to her mother's gravestone and learns of her death.
  • Nicole notices the resemblance between her and Donna after witnessing Cami wail on the North Star, and watching a clip of a screaming Donna as she was experimented on.
  • She finally enacts her own revenge on Xander for taking her mother away from her, which results in a fire on the North Star and causing it to explode and sink.
  • She is caught by none other than her mother's killer, who begins to feel guilt for using her mother's pained cries to catch her
  • Like her late mother, she ends up being taken by the military and imprisoned in a tank.
  • She is put on display on live television with her mouth gagged by a black muzzle


  • "Hello."
  • "Strong. Like Mother."
  • "No. Bad man kill Mother."
  • "You. Okay?"
  • "Yes."
  • "Who hurt mother?"
  • "Human!"
  • "You! Human!"
  • "They kill us!!"
  • "You. Kill Mother!!"
  • "Mother."
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