Camden "Cami" Fisher is a recurring character on Freeform's series, Siren. She is portrayed by Millan Tesfazgi.

Cami is one of the five merfolk who was forced out due to the sound waves placed by the oil rig's company, Klesco. She is the daughter of late Donna, the niece of Ryn and the cousin of Hope.


Like most mermaids, Cami is naturally aggressive in her mermaid-form. However, on land, Cami is adapting to being a human, but is struggling to fit in while she learns how to cope without her mother. Ryn has guided her on land for the most part, but other influences have made Cami grow to hate humans. This is reminiscent of Donna, her mother. However, Cami learned to work with several humans and her colony to ensure her family’s and her survival.

Cami has a talent and hobby for carving wood into art with a knife or a sharp device. She particularly likes to carve on wooden tables. She is also quite vengeful whenever she and her kin are wronged. For example: When she, Ryn and Maddie discover that the former's cousin has been abducted by Leena's family and implanted into Meredith, Cami kills Bryan in revenge, though she ends up getting reprimanded by Xander and Helen for her rash actions.

Physical Appearance

Cami looks like Donna enough to be her twin sister, with her dark blue eyes and her thick curly black hair that flows down her shoulders. In her mermaid form, she is covered in greyscales and has a silver fishtail, like other mermaids.

Throughout the Series

Season 2

Cami makes her debut appearance in the episode "The Arrival", she is among the other four mer-people who show up in Helen's apartment. Ben and Maddie help relocate Ryn's colony to his family's cabin that has laid vacant for 10 years. In the next episode "The Wolf at the Door", the colony is spearfishing at a river near the cabin, she feels lonely without her mother but has the support of Ryn. Later in the same episode, she is attacked by a wolf that Katrina later kills and brings back to the pack in an attempt to reinstate herself as the Alpha. Cami survives, and later receives her own identification to better blend in with Bristol Cove's population. As she grieves the loss of her mother, she carves crescent moon shapes wherever she is, it isn't until "Primal Instincts" that she and her aunt Ryn visit the hallowed grave site where her mother Donna was buried. Upon learning that a human killed her, she becomes agitated and tells Ryn off saying she has become more human, she later sides with Katrina to return to the water. In "Distress Call", Ryn calls a truce and she stands down from her hostility.

In "Leverage" she accompanies her merfolk colony onboard Xandar's fishing boat the North Star, but she stays behind to try and retaliate against Xandar for killing her mother. In doing so, she severs a pipe with a fire axe causing flammable gas to leak into the ship. Xandar tries to defend himself with a flare gun only to set the North Star ablaze causing it to burn and sink, Cami jumps overboard and swims away. In "New World Order", Cami is caught by Xandar and Calvin -- accompanied by a few mercenaries -- use the lure with her mother's recorded voice to catch her since the military was willing to pay hundreds of millions of dollars for any captured mer-person, but this was just in a vision that Ben foresaw.

Season 3

She returns to her colony in "Revelations", she and Hunter train Ryn to learn combat skills both on land and sea in order to be able to fight Tia again. Cami accompanies Helen and Xandar to look after Meredith as she is carrying Ryn's mermaid daughter inside, she kills Bryan perceiving him as a threat. Helen reprimands her for what she did and tells her that she does not get to decide who lives and who dies. At the end of "Life and Death", she witnesses her baby cousin to be born.

In the following episode "Mommy and Me" she returns to Ryn and Ben to tell them important news: Katrina is now a part of Tia's tribe, other members of their colony who tried to fight back either died or have managed to escape. She and her aunt Ryn go back into the ocean to embark on a journey keep their waters safe for Hope and find whoever survived Tia's attack.

In "The Island", she and Ryn find Eliza with four other mermaids from their colony. after clothing them, they make their way back to shore to board the boat. Cami is attacked by one of Tia's merman warriors, Xander shoots him through the chest saving her life. Cami tells Xander "Now we are good", indicating that she forgives Xander for unintentionally killing her mother Donna. She along with Eliza and the two other mermaids stay in Helen's apartment.

She takes her deceased mother's corpse back to the water in "Til Death Do Us Part" to be buried in a place where Cami learned to hunt and survive from her father.


Season 2

Season 3


  • She is the first mermaid who is a child to any of the well-known merpeople.
  • In "Oil & Water" her aunt takes her to her mother's gravestone and learns of her death.
  • She finally tries to enacts her own revenge on Xander for taking her mother away from her, which results in a fire on the North Star and causing it to explode and sink.
  • She is caught by none other than her mother's killer, who begins to feel guilt for using her mother's pained cries to catch her
  • In a premonition by Ben, like her late mother, Cami ends up being taken by the military and imprisoned in a tank. She is put on display at a gala event in a tank with her mouth gagged by a black muzzle. Fortunately, Ben sees to it that this premonition doesn't happen.
  • She learns how to fight on land after learning about an imminent war against Tia.



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