Calvin Lee is a recurring character on Freeform's series, Siren. He is portrayed by Curtis Lum.[1] His family is unknown, though it is indicated he is of Asian descent; his last name being "Lee."

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As a boy, he was friends with Chris Mueller, Xander and his father Captain Sean McClure.

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Overall, Calvin tends to be a caring, outgoing person. However, there are times where he can be hot-headed and sensitive. These flaws are evident when Calvin becomes angry with Ben’s involvement with Xander and Ben's mermaid friend secret or when Calvin found out Xander had a brief fling with his current girlfriend, Calvin grew very angry at Xander before hearing him out.

He dislikes having to keep the merpeople secret from the people, enough to actually reveal their existence to a reporter but was dismissed as "Crazy Calvin."

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Xander McClureEdit

Xander is Calvin’s close friend and co-worker. Xander and Calvin both know of the mermaid situation going on in the town, but Calvin often argues with Ben, Xander’s best friend, on what to do about the situation surrounding the U.S. military’s involvement in Bristol Cove. Despite Calvin and Ben’s disagreements, Xander respects Calvin’s (and Ben’s) advice and takes their advice. Calvin also rooms with Xander. Calvin and Xander often confide in each other when things go awry, but their relationship becomes slightly strained when Xander reveals he hooked up with Calvin’s current girlfriend awhile back. This is shortly resolved and the two go back to being close again.

Chris MuellerEdit

Chris is Calvin’s other close friend and co-worker. When Chris is taken by the U.S. military, Calvin and Xander go out of their way to search for him until they find him. Chris later assists Calvin by going after the mermaids on Xander’s boat.


Janine is Calvin’s girlfriend and lover throughout the show. Although Janine has only been seen several times in six of the ten episodes of the first season, Calvin reveals that he is serious about dating Janine and even asks Xander if she could move in with them.

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  • As of "Distress Call" he knows the truth about the existence of merpeople and allies with them, though somewhat reluctantly.
  • Strangely, every time he and Janine have sex with each other, a phone always halts them.
  • He refers to Levi as "Aquaman", the King of Atlantis and superhero of the Justice League, in DC comic books

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