Ryan is a minor supporting character on Freeform's series, Siren, debuting in its second season. He is portrayed by Daniel Cudmore.

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He is very submissive to Ryn when he feels her presence as the alpha female but when he learns about Ben's ancestry as a descendant of Charles Pownall, he is very hostile to him.

Physical Appearance Edit

He appears to be a tall, muscular man with dark hair and facial hair.

Throughout the Series Edit

In "No North Star," he is first seen in the bathroom when Rick Marzdan came for a bathroom break. He then proceeds to kidnap both Rick and Helen Hawkins and bring them to Rick's sister, Beth's home where they are kept locked up. It is then revealed that Beth is the one who sent Bryan to kidnap them before he was given orders to find and get other hybrids. He reappears at a cottage in a ranch where he meets other hybrids and gets to learn of the existence of the full-blooded merfolk.

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Trivia Edit

  • He comes to recognize Ben as the one of many direct descendants of Charles H. Pownall himself, revealing Ben's distant ties to the near genocide of Ryn's kind.
  • After being informed by Beth that she is a direct descendant of Charles Pownall himself, he renounces his trust in her and leaves with several other hybrids.

Quotes Edit

  • "I'll get the others."
  • "Well?"
  • "Do I know you?"
  • "I know why you look so familiar!! You're a Pownall!"
  • "This man is a Pownall!! He's a descendant of Charles, who killed our kind!!"
  • "You're just gonna let 'em all go, huh?"
  • "But you do with him, a Pownall! You side with the family who killed our people!"
  • "How long have you known?"
  • "Who's with me?"
  • "You caused this"

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