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Borders is the season premiere and first episode of the third season of Siren. It aired on April 2, 2020.[2]


As an old friend visits Helen, a new mermaid arrives leaving Ryn questioning their motives. Maddie learns the truth behind Ian's death, as Ben fights for his mother's treatments. While Xander is inspired to take on more responsibility.[2]


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  • Meredith is revealed to be an incompatible surrogate with Ryn's baby.
  • This episode is when Maddie breaks up with Ben for letting Ian Sutton drown in his car, but their close relationship with Ryn still remains intact.
  • This episode marks the first time Ryn cooks for Ben and Maddie.
  • The song that plays when Tia is introduced is "Kill Of The Night" by Gin Wigmore. The song perfectly suits her in the following: the tone conveys a malevolent theme, the song reflects on the character Tia as being a dangerous enemy, and the catharsis makes the audience feel a little scared but also excited to learn more about her.
  • Tia mentions that she heard an intelligence report about another mermaid being held by the U.S Military, Nicole might have something to do with it.
  • The classical piece that is heard is Beethoven's "Ode To Joy" from Sympony No. 9.
  • Tia kills Commander David Kyle at the docks and drags his corpse in the water.
  • Xander gets accepted into the Sheriff's Academy in this episode.
  • Calvin proposes to Janine at the Anchor becoming his fiancee.


I made a choice (...) In the water, I had the chance to save him, I could have gotten him out, but I didn't. He kidnapped Ryn, Maddie. He was gonna kill us on the road. I know what would have happened if he shared the secret with the world. One life. To save the entire species.
— Ben confesses to Maddie



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